W3Counter – Kind of reminds me of Mint

  • July 6th, 2006

w3counter screenshot

Web admins have a wide set of choices when it comes to website analytical tracking services. Some of the more popular services offer a free version which allows just about anyone with an inquisitve mind to track their visitors, hits, and uniques.

I, for one, rely and admire the awesome utility provided by Shaun Inman known simply as Mint.

As far as aesthetically pleasing tracking services are concerned, Mint blows the competition out of the water. I never imagined the day I would stumble upon a new service which offered the same functionality and attention to design detail. That was until I discovered W3Counter.

Based off of screenshots alone, Mint users will immediately notice the similarities between their own favorite green wizard with the blue modules offered by W3Counter.

The feature list and similarities continue, check the list out for yourself, and decide whether you’ve found yourself a new tracking service.

  • Free & monthly plans available
  • Data collected in real time
  • Visits & page views
  • Feed subscribers
  • Browsers & Operating systems

Imitation is indeed a form of flattery is it not? Shaun Inman got something right. So much so that others are following in Mint’s footsteps. I’l leave the rest of the user comparisons to the readers.

The question now is whether a one time (per site) fee of $30 fairs better than a minimum monthly fee of $5 for more advanced statistics.