Unstandard Theme, WordPress 3.0+ ready

Finally. Neglected but not forgotten, the Unstandard WordPress theme update is available for download. The jump from version 1.2.1 to 2.0 includes a complete re-write and supports post thumbnails (no more fiddling with custom fields), custom backgrounds and nested menus. The design has been modified slightly but still includes multiple color options as child themes (which should make it easier for everyone to customize their own flavors). Enjoy!

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  1. PhamKy says:

    I checked with IE7 and IE9

  2. PhamKy says:

    I repaired it! When I don’t use any widget for middle widget area so it will have error on IE. Thanks for support. Sorry about my bad English.

    • Derek says:

      Did you modify the theme? If you do not assign a widget to the middle zone, the categories are displayed by default. I checked without a widget enabled in IE and there is no error similar to what you’ve described.

  3. PhamKy says:

    I just add an author box in single.php, some CSS codes and add Google analitycs code to footer.php. Maybe one of some plugin Im using meet an error with IE. Thanks for your theme, It’s very nice!

  4. Jan Giesen says:


    I hope you can help me. I’ve installed your beautiful theme, but the images at the font page doesn’t show up.

    What’s wrong?

    My website is: http://www.jangiesen.nl/

    Jan Giesen

    (My apologies for my bad english, I’m dutch)

  5. 5thgfka says:

    thanks for the beautiful theme, I created a ‘about’ page, why the link doesn’t follow behind ‘HOME’? I tried other themes this works. Can you help me?

    • Derek says:

      Make sure you create your custom menu and setup the links – Home & About – correctly in the order which you want them to be displayed.

  6. 5thgfka says:

    Works now! Thanks!

  7. lexi says:

    Having issues creating a drop down on the top menu like you have for your Archives. Any help?

    • Derek says:

      Here is a screenshot of my Menus view for the Archives drop down on the test site: http://cl.ly/9ke0

      I manually selected a few categories in the left column, then re-sorted them underneath the archives button. The target for the Archives button is a standard page which utilizes the included Archives template.

  8. dsfsdf says:

    two quick questions you might be able to answer for me so i don’t have to play around in the code and potentially mess something up:

    1) trying to add a favicon icon, know where i should put this in? do i upload it somewhere or do i have to implement it in the code somewhere?

    2) when on the main page viewing multiple posts, is there a way to change the text that says the title of the article/post on the image snippet to something standard for each post like “click to view more” ?

    • Derek says:

      1) You can add a favicon.ico file into the root directory where your WordPress site is installed and browsers will detect the icon.

      2) You can open index.php and look around line 47. There is a if else statement that controls the text displayed with a thumbnail. You could remove everything between the h2 tags where the if else statement is and replace it with Click to view more.

  9. gilad says:

    Hello Derek. I really dig your designed theme.
    I am newbie at all have to do with wordpress, having that info, what would you suggest me to do if I want to remove the left title ( UNSTANDARD), is it have to do with re-programing a line ( php?) or have only to do with removing the link/image and replace them by a new one?

    this can help me greatly!

  10. Tina Fisher says:


    I am just trying to set up your amazing theme but am having a couple of problems (I am new to wordpress though so the answer may be obvious). I want to change the logo to my own – I have altered the logo.png file but my logo has different dimensions to the original – how can I alter the size of the logo so that mine is sized correctly?

    How do I alter the “Meta” and “Blogroll” bit as I cannot find the bit to change this.



  11. Andrew says:


    I have a question about the image thumbnails, both the primary-post, and secondary-post. I have played around with the format to get ride of the side bar on the home page, I did this by changing the container / grid size in file 960.css. The format is just what I was looking to do but I can’t find a way to make the images fill the full grid area.
    If you have any suggestions I would very much appreciate it.

    please have a look at my site http://www.indiedesign.ca


  12. Barry says:

    Hey Derek, I love the theme and all of it’s features. How hard would it be to add a small twitter bird next to the twitter widget title like the other widgets?

    • Derek says:

      Add the following icon to your server then add the following to style.css. Make sure to check that the image path is correct as well.

      .widget_twitter .widgettitle {url(‘images/path/to/icn-twitter-small.png’) no-repeat 0 0;}

      Download the twitter icon to match here: http://cl.ly/AoMp

  13. EddyGeek says:

    hey this theme rocksome!, i use it for my blog.. but i wonder why pingback/trackback dont show any count? can you tell me how to solve this matter. 🙁

  14. mat wigley says:

    Hi Derek, I don’t expect an answer to this but nothing ventured etc.

    I wondered if you could tell me how to change the background colour of the post thumbnails, I’ve tweaked endless hex numbers in the CSS but nothing happens, it just stays black. I’m using the Unstandard Dark theme here:


    Many thanks in advance,
    Mat Wigley

  15. mat wigley says:

    Thanks for the very swift response, it didn’t work though {: (

    I’m using some transparent GIFs in my posts with anti-aliasing (to #303030) and they look weird on anything that isn’t that colour.

    Please don’t feel like you MUST solve my problem, I can work around it in some other way I’m sure. Many thanks indeed.


  16. mat wigley says:

    Wow, quick again!

    Sorry, not sure how to share a screenshot but if you go here:
    you can see what’s going on.

    Images are anti-aliased against the same grey as the content background but show up in the thumbnails against a black background.

    thanks again,

  17. mat wigley says:

    This is in the CSS:

    .thumb-post a {
    background-color: #303030;
    text-decoration: none;
    display: block;
    overflow: hidden;

  18. mat wigley says:

    So true, well spotted!
    It’s weird because on my comp they are transparent but after uploading to WP they gain that black BG.
    Sorry to have bothered you with something that was ‘my end’ but at least you get karma points.
    So many thanks indeed,

  19. mat wigley says:

    Strange, it does have a black BG here:
    Like you said but doesn’t here:
    or in the WP visual editor, what might it mean?

  20. Brian says:

    I tried to install the zip using the wordpress auto install and it had errors. Should i install direct through FTP or is there something wrong with the zip file?


    • Derek says:

      What was the error? Try uploading the unzipped folder directly into your themes folder via FTP. As far as I know the .zip file works fine.