The 11th Hour, global warming and awareness

  • August 14th, 2007

The 11th Hour earthEarlier this evening I caught a sneak preview of The 11th Hour (Warner Independent Pictures) at the Seattle Art Museum thanks to Yelp & TheWarrenReport. The film, produced & narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (no joke), looks back at global changes – namely global warming. The film is somewhat similar to the Al Gore’s heavily marketed An Inconvenient Truth. While Gore’s film was staged in a presentation-like environment with rich Keynote slides focusing heavily on Hurricane Katrina, DiCaprio’s narrated film featured interview clips from 70 authoritative scientists, designers, and academic figures – focusing on global warming, sustainability, and forward thinking.

Towards the end of the evening, an open floor type discussion was held. An idea was raised concerning whether or not movies like An Inconvenient Truth or The 11th Hour could successfully educate younger audiences. With DiCaprio producing & narrating The 11th Hour, would the film be more appealing for younger audiences than Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth? What do you think?

Recalling the very end of the film as the copyright warning scrolled up the screen, I couldn’t help but wonder why the film was not made available online. If the goal of these types of films is to educate individuals across the board, sharing the film online would reach more viewers. Understanding that studios incur considerable costs during production, why aren’t major corporations / organizations who support a more sustainable future share the bill?

In any event, check out the film if you found An Inconvenient truth interesting. The film opens on August 17th. Check out The 11th Hour Action blog for even more info, links, and personal stories. Consume less, live more.