Heatmaps as a constructive tool

For some time, I’ve left a small Crazy Egg <script> at the bottom of my site which provided information as to where readers were more inclined to use their mouse. My impression(s) of the service has changed little from when I shared my thoughts during the beta period.

5thirtyone.com overlay campaign 5thirtyone.com Heatmap campaign

5thirtyone.com Overlay & Heatmap 3 day campaign results – Click for full previews

Crazy Egg has changed with welcomed improvements over the last few months for the service. From Dashboard refinements, to added Developer Tools providing site administrators with additional resources, the service has received a number of feature updates created to enhance an alternative overview of activity on your pages.

Create a new link tracking campaign

Dictate how long Crazy Egg should track activity on pages – Click for large preview

  • Create tracking campaigns for x weeks, x days, x months, or x number of clicks. Run multiple campaigns and compare element placement on pages.
  • Track clicks on active elements. What does this mean? Click tracking campaigns are not affected by page updates. If content is shifted to a different area of the page, Crazy Egg continues tracking. If you move a link from the sidebar to the footer, Crazy Egg will continue to recognize the clicks.
  • New Developer Tools provide additional tracking options on inactive elements – tracking arbitrary user activity.
  • Developer Tools option – “Prepare Heatmap” creates a downloadable image of your Heatmap results for archiving.
  • Ability to track multiple Heatmap campaigns across multiple pages throughout a website. Run a template based website? Create variants of your pages and release them on different pages. Compare how the landing, single posts, or archives fare for user activity.
  • Track Google Adsense, Yahoo, or other ad placement. With Heatmaps, you’ll know what areas of the page attract a readers attention.

Crazy Egg is available for free limited to 5,000 tracked clicks per month, or available from $19-$99 per month for 25,000-250,000 tracked clicks respectively.

Looking for an alternative? Check out ClickHeat (free). Although ClickHeat may not be as “pretty” to look at, it definitely provides a general idea of areas where visitors are more inclined to look or click. Additional services include Google Analytics, clickdensity, and ClickTale. Thanks Haklabs.

Discuss - 6 Comments

  1. Glenn Wolsey says:

    CrazyEgg is a great tool, it’s really useful, and aside from that it’s amazing to work with and to see where users are clicking.

  2. Jordan says:

    I’ve had crazyegg running for a few months at my webhosting company, and it definitely helps to understand what my viewers click on the most (shared or reseller) and various other elements. One big thing I got out of it was just removing links that were NEVER clicked on at all, or changing them to something more “pop-out’ish” so it enticed viewers to click it.

    And apparently some people love clicking in open space… o.O

  3. Hiten Shah says:

    Derek, thanks for thinking of us again, and also mentioning the improvements we have been making 🙂

    Also, I LOVE your redesign!


  4. Mykal says:

    Wow CrazyEgg is a great tool! I can’t believe I did not know about this before. But now I do. Thanks Derek.

  5. for some reason, crazyegg is not tracking my site at all. There is no faqs/forum/* on the website on how to troubleshoot this. of course, i have placed the script on the designated page. @Hiten, perhaps, you can test why this happens on my site from your end?

  6. Derek says:

    Yohannes, did you submit a trouble ticket?