Happy new year, introducing Bespoke for WordPress

  • January 1st, 2011

If you’re reading this update through your feed reader, you’re missing out on the fact that 5thirtyone.com is sporting a new look — I’m eating my own dog food so to speak. I call it the Bespoke theme, and you can grab it for yourself over at Themetie. The decision to release Bespoke (a first), was a long overdue and one which I plan on using as a gateway to more even updates & releases in the next coming months.

This previous year (2010) was a roller coaster of emotion and professional challenge causing me to reminisce back to what originally helped me start online. All memories point back to a single point in my online “life” which involved WordPress. Acknowledging the fact that over the past few years I have fallen out of touch with the WordPress community and milestone releases, one of my goals for 2011 is to re-acclimate myself with WordPress. Bespoke is a testament of my plan to return to my original roots which motivated me to work as a designer & developer.

The premium decision

Although I have stayed fairly quiet over the past few years, I remained ever watchful and aware of the latest from the WordPress community, especially from many of the talented individuals behind some of the more prominent premium / commercial theme companies. I am unable to foresee where this initial release will lead me, or if the path will be that of success. But if there is one lesson I walked away with from 2010, it’s the fact that I can not continue ignoring my original roots.

One of the greatest challenges of releasing non-commercial or premium themes to the general public is the personal cost of support. Over the past few years, I have done my best and I apologize to anyone who had emailed in and received delayed responses or no response at all. Finding the time and energy necessary to support free themes was a significant challenge. To say that my hands were twisted behind my back towards the end of 2010 would be an overstatement, but not by much. As a result, I’ve found myself scrambling to make the right decisions for 2011. I understand that I will lose some supporters, but the decision to release Bespoke and the next few releases is one that is necessary. My hope is that some of my previous supporters will find the value of releases worth the asking price.

Bespoke highlights

Bespoke can be purchased for the low price of $45. A working demo is available as well (in addition to a temporary live test on this very site). The theme includes six color schemes, three alignment options, custom menus, post thumbnails, a featured content slider, advertising options and more. The entire process of designing and developing the Bespoke theme was a learning process which will only strengthen future releases. I had many take aways from the development of the theme which have already found use in upcoming theme releases.

Bespoke is what I envisioned as the next update for this site. Something clean which did not inhibit the content or imagery. With that said, I hope that others will see the value of Bespoke as a theme to add to their content sharing needs.

** Uploading Bespoke to this site helped me realize just how stagnant content has been. I plan on cleaning house, and keeping regular updates.