Browser testing and a standalone IE7

  • March 20th, 2006

If like me, you loathe the thought of your own work looking disheveled any web browser other than the one you use on a daily basis, you understand the importance of testing with alternate browsers. As much as I would love to see all web pages rendered consistently in all browsers across the board, reality speaks otherwise. Fortunately, IE6 will soon see it’s replacement in the form of IE7. What will become of the countless browser hacks in place once the world wakes up to load IE7 is beyond me and warrants a standalone post beyond the scope of what I’ve planned here.


Personally, I prefer testing and re-resting work in multiple browsers before moving on to a new portion of the project. The standard browser arsenal on my trusty IBM X40 includes the following: IE5, IE6, IE7 Beta 2, Opera 8 Beta, and Firefox 1.5. Testing pages in any one of those browsers assures me that what I code is displayed as it should be for a good percentage of viewers. If you’re curious on how I’ve managed to run IE5, 6 and 7 concurrently, know that 5 and 7 are standalone versions which do no require installation. Curious readers can check J. Galloway’s IE7 launch script [bat file] which conveniently cleans out any remnants of the beta browser upon shutting down. I wouldn’t mind zipping up the complete distribution for download here but I would prefer to keep Microsoft emails out of my inbox. Now if I could just get my hands on a new Intel iMac or Macbook so I could load XP and test with all know browsers from a single machine… Safari screenshots and the occasional time in front of spazs iBook can only do so much.