35 designers, 5 questions, a long list of answers

  • April 19th, 2007

Smashing Magazine recently polled 35 different individuals whose livelihood deals in some shape or form with web design. If you’re not already a subscriber, I highly recommend their feed which regularly publishes some of the most detailed and exhaustive resource lists on the net. Their latest “list” showcases the responses to 5 distinct questions answered by 35 different designers. Their method of identifying & locating interviewees:

How do you find the best designers worldwide? OK, a legitimate question. The fact is that we’ve tried so select the best ones, but we definitely have missed many creative, talented artists with solid portfolio, but quite unknown in the community.

We didn’t choose by our intuition, we weren’t looking for any suggestions. Instead, we’ve spent few days analyzing Technorati rankings, Alexa rankings, link popularity, 9Rules directory, Design-Feed contributors and few more design-related web-sites. Besides, we’ve taken a close look at the professional experience of designers, their reputation in the design-community and the popularity of articles they’ve written in their weblogs.

From the most important aspect of design to useful CSS techniques, favored fonts to recommended books and websites, 35 Designers x 5 Questions may be an interested read for anyone who has ever sent an email to someone requesting recommendations concerning web design or tips for personal projects. Personally, I found the favored fonts section of the interviewee answers section the most interesting and CSS techniques the most informative.