Two blades was surely better than one, but 5?

Not one to analyze current shaving trends, I couldn’t resist the urge to share my thoughts concerning the Gillete Fusion Power battery powered shaving system. For those unfamiliar with the Gillette Fusion Power, consider it the expensive poor man razor. With a suggested retail price of $13.45 for the Fusion razor itself, and $30 for eight replacement cartridges, the entire "package" is short of a high-tech gizmo of an electric shaver but far more expensive than a 6-pack of disposables.

I had caved in, fallen victim to the tactics of the Gillette marketing team. Surely, 5-blades had to be better than the $8 pack of dual-bladed alternatives on the bottom shelf. I bit the bullet and picked-up the Fusion Power along with a matching can of "specially formulated" shaving gel. All the while Sylvia muttering "oh my god" as I imagined shaving with 5 vibrating blades against my skin. Oh the excitement.

Fortunately, I hadn’t shaved for a day so I had ample facial hair to experiment with. In an effort to keep this pointless rant short, I’ll fast forward to the part where I realize how irritating it is to shave with 5 horizontal blades vibrating on your face. With the Fusion Power vibrating, and a decent layer of shaving gel lathered on, the "pulsing" action of the battery powered razor actually made shaving more uncomfortable. It was as though each of the hairs on my face were being pulled in every other direction but down. On top of the hair pulling, the smooth shave wasn’t as smooth as a dual-blade disposable.

But then again, maybe it’s just me – random pokey hairs, Asian complexion, intolerance for any facial hair pulling (eye brows ouch!). I say the sweet-spot for razors was the dual-blade action introduced in 1970’s. One blade to serve the usual duty of cutting down morning grizzle, a second to pick-up the few that miss the cut. None of this one to cut, two to lift, three to wiggle / cut, four to catch the missed hairs, and five to give that baby bottom smooth finish.

Say hello to my 10-bladed, laser guided, self-sharpening with every rinse razor… Get smooth results when your facial hair falls out from the mere sight of the razor resting on your sink.

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  1. raj says:

    While I hate shaving, as a person with thick, persistent facial hair, I can’t go too long without shaving or I get ingrown hairs.

    But I found that if I went to, say, 3 blades, I couldn’t return to 2 blades. The old razor just wasn’t satisfactory. I’m stuck now on 4 blades, but that’s it. Anything more is absurd, and scares the heck out of me that I’ll slice my face – something I did a great deal when I first went to 2 blades.

  2. Joaquin says:

    I hesitate to recommend this place, for the amount of time it could consume in your life. However, … You have been warned! You will be captivated by the amount of shaving culture going on right under our noses. (and under our chins, and that spot above your adam’s apple, etc)

    Of course, I must plug my own modest shave blog (one entry only)

    But in all seriousness, do have a look at “B&B”, you will enjoy it.

  3. David says:

    ya i second that. Just beginning to use a DE razor at the moment. And guess what you can get a great shave from a single blade!