Play the Technorati Spam tag game!

technorati spam tag screenshot

What happened to our beloved Technorati? Technorati makes it easier to find adult content by providing popular keywords which result in the freshest possible pornographic / spamuni related material.

So here are the rules for the game. Since it would be wrong to assume, I invite anyone to browse through the current popular tags on Technorati. These can usually be found to the left of the screen as a “tagcloud”, or conveniently listed 1-10 on the Technorati “pop” page.

  • Identify one of or a combination of Spamuni-looking tags: sex, porn, orgasm, etc. Results may vary by day based on whether “real” news is the top blogged topic.
  • Click through to the results page for an assessment of each respective tag.
  • Take a few seconds to scan the titles in order to attempt any valid “clean” blogs.
  • Report back with your results making note of any sites which utilized one of the aforementioned tags legitimately in order to simplify identifying content.

Any winners? The world obviously has quite a number of sketchy looking blogs which have managed to leave quite an impression on Technorati’s top tag results.

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  1. brendan says:

    That was the case up until a day ago when crocodile hunter Steve Irwin (a real top bloke) unexpectedly died during one of his infamous ‘get in there up close and personal’ wildlife excursions..

    Although there is still at least one ‘sex’ related tag in the top tags.

    The problem is, how does one police such content, given Technorati is at best a giant blog search engine an pulse reader?

  2. Eli Horne says:

    I’m glad you noticed this too. I am absolutely obsessed with Technorati as it drives a lot of my traffic. I wrote about this spamathon issue with Kyra Phillips back when her little microphone fiasco was all the rage.

    These sites are just copying and pasting the top results from legitimate posts, and then adding in the porn titles.

    The solution, as supplied by Dorion Carroll involves the use of the “authority” drop down. It attaches your prefered level to your cookie and the blogs dissapear.

    I still think that it should be set at the top by default, and if you feel like finding the shady sites you can then lower it manually.

    Just a thought.

  3. harwin says:

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  5. sphacelated says:

    Mmm… Good post 🙂 Will watch your blog