Not going into orbit, just looking for clean clothes

Yesterday I spent some time perusing the washer / dryer options at Home Depot. I guess I have never stopped to take notice of advertisements or TV commercials touting the latest & greatest. Home appliances have gone from simple to featured bloated. What happened to loading clothes, setting the temperature and pressing start? That’s too simple. If your machine doesn’t require a minimum of three knob twists and two push buttons, your clothes are going to stay dirty. Right? It’s all about the miniature dry cleaner in your laundry room, delicate clothing awareness and smart temperature water settings.

As simple as it gets – what your washer and dryer used to look like. You won’t see this unit unless you’re shopping for the bare bones machine tucked away in the back.

Single button too simple? How about this missile control dashboard? It’s too bad floor units weren’t powered. I was hoping the light sequence was color coded from green to red. DEFCON 1 Extra Hot water!

This one was interesting. The manufacturer included hidden functionality enabled by pressing and holding each button individually. Check out a few of the other machines:

Which machine would you pick based on the control layout? Any of the above units or something a little simpler? Imagine advanced functionality minus the complexity…

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  1. The unfortunate thing is that, at least with washers (more than likely), the more complex they are the more environmentally friendly they will be (steam washing, etc). They’ll use less electricity and water than the cheaper models and thus less drying time in the dryer.

  2. Mike says:

    Well, I bought a 30 year old pair and love how simple they are.

  3. John says:

    design should be more focused on simplicity too! sometimes people just want to view something that’s less straining to the eyes 🙂

  4. Leo Chen says:

    Love the title of the post. Nice touch. 😉

  5. sibble says:

    Great title, the next thing to come out will be a washer that can determine what it’s washing by itself so that an instrument panel won’t even be necessary 😉

  6. Lance says:

    Your post title says it all. 🙂
    And you know what’s funny? Our maid understands how our washer works better than anyone in our household. It’s a really humbling experience to not know how to operate our “space ship” when the maid is not around.

  7. Wall murals says:

    And it’s so funny because all my modern appliances feel like they’re built out of tin cans. My parents washer, dryer, and diswasher are all 30+ years old, built like tanks, and run like clockwork.

  8. yodz says:

    some looks a like a plane’s dashboard. why are they making washing clothes as complex as that?
    In this high-tech world, I think simplicity is must.

  9. Scott James says:

    I take it you don’t already own a HE washer.