Haribo Gummie bears in 5 lb. packs

  • May 21st, 2006

I had no idea. I almost drooled at the thought of having one of these 5 pound bulk bags of Haribo Gummi bears sitting on my table.

Reality soon set in. What if I actually had one of these giant bags of Haribo bears? Would my taste buds soon reject the idea of consuming 5 pounds, or the equivelant of 16 “normal” mini bags of Haribo bears, despite being the best damn gummi bears in the world?! Would it be the beginning of the end? Would I slowly grow tiresome of the perfectly chewy confections?

Only a real world experiment could answer these questions. For that reason, I’ve added the bears to my Amazon wishlist. I can easily prevent myself from stuffing myself with 5 pounds of candy, but it would be oh so rude of me to deny a bag sent from someone else. Besides, I failed miserably to make a dent of the 5 pound bag of chewy strawberries.