Google, the noun that became a verb

Google. Openly embracing and sharing your info with the online giant… Or trying your best to keep your data hidden from Vader? After you watch the clip, check out this infographic of Google by Pingdom.

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  1. Kp says:

    A google “evil” platform for entertainment i.e. Youtube is being used to deliver this message.

    Control over customers and having max info on them has always been a goal of almost all Companies/Enterprises. (offline as well as online)
    Google is no Different. it sole aim is to make moolah, and they are in the business of information collection and retrieval.

    Not supporting google here, but the risks mentioned here are homogenous to the whole internet in general, be it google or yahoo or facebook, they all are doing the same, controlling information about thier customers.

    At least we should be glad that these information is stored by a company whose motto is “do not evil” instead of someone who says “do anything for money”

  2. Ngon Com says:

    I agree with Kp!

  3. Whatev says:

    I’ll gladly give Google all my info…no seriously, what could they possibly do with it that would be so evil? Give me better ads? It’s not like they’re going to steal my identity or any of that hogwash.

    Their products are free. I see no problems here. Those who complain about privacy are probably looking to file a lawsuit and make some money of their own. Leave Google alone! If you want to make money, how about you go work for them instead of suing them!

  4. Jef Menguin says:

    I agree. I think we should leave google alone. Anyway, we have the choice not to be found by google.

  5. vectorism says:

    “can’t fight them.. join them..”