What to expect: Sidekick 3 + OS X

  • July 11th, 2006

sidekick III

Wow. I don’t know what I was thinking when I assumed that the latest Sidekick III would play well with Apple’s iApps. I must have imagined the whole “sync your device with your favorite desktop audio player” or the “Danger must be aware of its OSX fan base and is actively developing a desktop sync client”. What the hell was I thinking?

To serve as a record for potential Sidekick III users running OSX as their main operating system, here are a few points worth considering before caving in to the “cool” factor – *ahem* Noah – of the Sidekick III. So, let’s run through the “options” for Sidekick III / OSX 10.4.7 users shall we?

Bluetooth heaven?

I managed to pair my MacBook and the SK3 in no time using OSXs Bluetooth preferences wizard. Soon enough, I was surfing the Internet using the SK3 as a modem via Bluetooth! True? No! Aside from pairing your SK3 with a Bluetooth headset, there really is nothing left to do with that seemingly universal wireless protocol. I’m going to point my finger at Danger for not sharing the necessary support services. A little Address Book / iCal syncing action via Bluetooth would have been just swell. Would that have been a little too much to ask for?

Please show me USB support

sidekick III and OSXAgain, no support for syncing the SK3 via USB with the Address Book or iCal. The only option made available through USB connectivity is the ability to mount the Sidekick III’s internal SD card as an external drive. Within the drive are two folders: DCIM and Music. Convenient for dragging n’ dropping image and audio files to and from your computer and the SK3. Personal translation? “Hi, I’m Sidekick! Although the idea of maturing into an actual productivity device with syncing was possible, I thought it would be better to focus on supporting playback of Eminem and the transfer of less than flattering private images.”

I thought you grew up little SK3?

Danger has yet again proven that it has turned its back on OSX users. Pity. Fortunately, there is a little application / service known as the Missing Sync [Sidekick] which syncs your iApps with your SK3 OTA (over-the-air). I have yet to try this service and am somewhat apprehensive. T-Mobile could easily break the service with the sneeze of a button.