Unlimited SMS savings for iPhone (or any phone) family account holders

There are currently three different iPhone plan add-ons for at&t family accounts. Each plan offers unlimited data usage & visual voicemail. The only difference which dictates the price of each (3) is the number of text messages available. At current, the iPhone plans for existing customers break down as such:

  • $20 includes 200 SMS Text Messages
  • $30 includes 1500 SMS Text Messages
  • $40 includes Unlimited SMS Text Messages

Under the above plan terms for two lines (rounded to the nearest dollar) + unlimited text messaging for both:

  • $70 Two lines sharing 700 minutes + rollover
  • $80 $40 x 2 for unlimited SMS Text Messaging for both lines
  • $150 pre-tax for two lines sharing 700 minutes + rollover & unlimited SMS

What is not publicly advertised as being compatible with iPhone specific lines is Family Messaging Unlimited ($30). With Family Messaging Unlimited, any shared family account lines will receive unlimited SMS text and picture messaging to anyone ony any network for a flat rate of $30.

Using the previous account example adjusted for use with the iPhone plans:

  • $70 Two lines sharing 700 minutes + rollover
  • $40 $20 x 2 for 200 SMS Text Messaging for both lines
  • $30 Unlimited messaging to anyone on any network for all shared lines
  • $140 pre-tax for two lines sharing 700 minutes + rollover + unlimited SMS

A savings of $10 per month. Of course, more lines equals more savings. A family account with 5 lines, sharing 700 minutes, and each using an iPhone unlimited SMS Text Messaging plan would total $300 before taxes. That same account making use of the Family Messaging Unlimited would total $230 before taxes. That’s a savings of $70.

If you’re sharing minutes but paying for unlimited messaging plans for each line independently, save money and add the Family Messaging Unlimited plan. It’s a small change that can save you a considerable amount of money.

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  1. ccs says:

    ATT says the Family Mesaging Plan does not apply to an added iphone.

  2. Derek says:

    ATT only wants to make a little more extra money off its customers. Included a screenshot of the feature added on my account.

    Family MSG + iPhone

    Escalate the call to someone else who is willing to help you out.