Mabber – Mobile jibber Jabber

  • February 23rd, 2006

I was fortunate enough to procure an invite for the latest web based inter-dweeb-net instant messaging service by the name of Mabber. The Germany based service aims to provide mobile messaging via Jabber [] for the masses. Fret not you instant messaging loons as Mabber supports AIM, Yahoo, and MSN integration so you won’t lose touch with your current contacts.

I’ll resist from writing a full blown review as TechCrunch seems to have that area covered.

Personally, I find the service an excellent, if not superior, addition to the growing market of web based instant messaging services [Meebo, Gtalkr, and e-Messenger]. Noteworthy feature is the fact that Mabber – despite being a completely web based service – offers subscribed users with an interface which rivals that found in my current installation of Gaim [minus file transfers of course]. Mabber offers chat history, status messages, address book-like functionality via right-click (vCard), groups, per contact notes, and a downloadable mobile client (JAR).

I have 0 invites available for the beta service. Due to the fact that Mabber offers a mobile client, I will send invites out to individuals who have the necessary hardware to support the download (priority). Use your real email address when leaving comments and drop your actual handset specs in the comment body.