Incase iPhone Protective Cover, protects from drops but creates new scratches with lint & dust

  • September 8th, 2007

UPDATE: Via The Apple Blog, Incase claims a bad batch of rubber may be to blame for the case losing its shape. Fill out the warranty form for a possible replacement. You’ll need a copy of your receipt.

A long time fan of Incase products, I sprang on the opportunity to try the Incase Protective Cover as soon as I picked up the iPhone. After two months of use, I feel that I can share a fair assessment of the case – likes, dislikes, etc. As with all Incase products, form and and function go hand-in-hand. The Protective Case is no different offering a glove-like fit over every area of the phone (aside from the actual touch screen & camera lens) with a tactile topographic pattern on the backside.

Incase back

Incase opted for a thick rubber rather than thinner silicone used by alternative cases like Speck’s ToughSkin. The thick rubber wrapped tightly around the iPhone offers far more protection than a few millimeters of silicone. Unfortunately, the snug fit of the Incase Protective Cover was short lived. After approximately one month of use, the Protective Case began to lose its shape exposing the edges of the chrome which wrapped the touch screen. Additionally, I discovered that the initial snug fit of the case actually trapped pocket lint and dirt underneath the edges resulting in a number of scuffs and scratches. Examining Syl’s iPhone – wrapped with Speck’s ToughSkin – I was surprised to see no scratches of any kind whatsoever.

Although Incase, for the most part, designs & creates fantastic protective accessories for Apple hardware, the iPhone Protective Case is one product that does more harm [than expected] than good.

* Want the topographic pattern found on Incase products, check out the wallpaper downloads here.

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