EVDO fans make ready, Kyocera KR1 firmware update

  • May 5th, 2007

Sprint Rev. A speedtest

Sprint EVDO coverage in Seattle is fast with very little competition (for now) – Still waiting for HSDPA to ship

There is no doubt that anywhere any time internet via EVDO is a personal favorite. Even more so of a favorite for Sylvia who seems to have semi-permanently jacked my Sprint Novatel U720 USB modem. I can’t even remember the last time I actually used it for my own personal needs – j/k. Anyway, Alex from EVDOinfo // 3Gstore was kind enough to drop an email which put a grin on my face.

Kyocera will soon be announcing firmware RK1010 that provides full support for the U720/USB720 as well as the PX500/PC5750.

Additional info on the firmware update for the Kyocera KR1 (Windows & Mac compatible) can be found here: Kyocera KR1 Now Supports More EVDO Rev A Devices, Including U720/USB720.

For those unsure as to what makes the KR1 so special, imagine your standard Linksys wireless router sitting in your office. Only, instead of picturing a cable line running from the wall to the router, picture an EVDO modem. Wireless wireless internet. Look for a full review as soon as mine arrives.

Although sharing an EVDO connection via the OS X Sharing preference menu is easy, there’s just something that screams "convenience" when it comes to a full blown wireless router that can share an EVDO connection using a USB modem.

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