Asus Eee PC sub-notebook running Apple OS X

Ignoring the legalities or hair pulling from Apple’s legal department, Dan decided that it was high time for a sub-notebook running OS X. If Apple wasn’t going to hurry up and build it, then he might as well take a stab at transforming the Asus Eee PC into the super portable Apple notebook that everyone has dreamed of – myself included. Fortunately, Dan outlined the required steps with a tutorial on UNEASYsilence.

Asus running Apple OS X

I don’t know about how anyone else feels, but with the Asus Eee PC’s $399 sticker price, I think we now have the worlds best priced sub-notebook running OS X. Initially, I was a little apprehensive with the Asus Eee PC purchase, but news that the little guy was capable of running OS X is the convincing I needed.

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  1. Ruddy says:

    I’ve been reading on several cases where OS X was installed on a PC, but I’ve also wondered what would happen when you update via Apple Software Update. Will this break anything in your machine? Since some updates are hardware oriented.

  2. Joshua says:

    Ruddy, having spent some time browsing forums dedicated to the “hackintosh”, you almost always have to wait for a hacked version of the updates or detailed instructions on how to install them. I’ve read that bad things can happen to those who update their hackintosh through Software Update since Apple’s updates are specifically made for genuine Apple products.

  3. Derek says:

    Joshua’s answer is spot on. Because these special disk images are created using the latest original image that hackintosh devs can get their hands on, they will always be a little behind with security updates. Oftentimes, when significant changes are released, updated underground images find their way on to bittorrent trackers. I can’t say I’ve ever had personal experience with installing OS X on non-Apple hardware, but all of these new advancements sure make it difficult.

  4. Ruddy says:

    A lot of people might disagree with me but this is one of the reasons why I love Apple machines so much, because they’ve taken on this whole idea that OS X should run only on the hardware that they specify; this just gives me a better feeling of consistency on the products that I buy. Granted, I know what I’m buying will just work right off the bat, and I don’t have the concern of which company I should be relying on. (e.g. Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony, the list goes on and on.)

  5. Alisa says:

    That’s amazing. I want one to just throw around and not worry about when I travel. Hm!

  6. Victor says:

    I loved this Eee pc!
    Eee PC means “”Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play.”
    In my opinion it’s way better then OLPC project since it has more system power.
    Have you seen this video review made by The Dallas Morning News?
    I don’t know about you, but I will buy one for christmas! 😀

  7. Peter Payne says:

    So, any UPDATE on this at all? EVERY blog has shut down all info about this, and there has been no news since November. What have all the hackers FAILED at making OS X useful on this device? I thought they could do anything, like get my electric toothbrush to run Linux. I spit in the eye of all hackers who have lost interest in making OS X work on EEE — if you don’t all suck, someone prove me wrong by doing an update on the project, showing a video of an OS X EEE PC, or giving news of the wireless drivers. Please.

    • brantar says:

      @peter payne

      lol, those hackers have FAILED us! you know, except for getting as far as putting OSX on non native hardware. I have osx running on an AMD quadcore machine, thanks to hackers

      to all the people who make that sorta thing take place i thank you

  8. luke leasure says:

    @peter payne:

    please… don’t do like that, allot of people are spending
    allot of time to help the rest of us do cool things to there
    eee pc or as you mentioned “eletric toothbrush”
    i think they deserve credit and not a punch in the face.

    but a wireless driver would be nice 🙂

  9. Elvina says:

    Where can I find instructions on how to do this? I am a Mac user for life but I always worry when I bring my Macbook traveling. I would love to purchase one of these netbooks and run Mac OS, and not worry about theft or damage. Doesn’t have to run perfectly, not too worried about that.