Advert for new Windows Live Mobile cuts corners with iPhone

A co-worker forwarded the following email announcement regarding Windows Live Mobile – screenshot of email below (click for a larger preview).


The advertising agency responsible for pushing the Windows Live Mobile newsletter features a handset which seems to be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. Who am I, what am I?


With Microsoft recently announcing its Windows Mobile 6.5 version to accompany attractive handsets from HTC and Samsung, why cut corners mating screenshots with the outer remnants of the Apple iPhone?

Discuss - 4 Comments

  1. Sachin says:

    According to me still iPhone looks much better and wait iPhone upgrade is due in june so lets wait and see if win 6.5 gets the zune’s death.

  2. Nouman Saleem says:

    if thats not part iphone, I dont know what it is

  3. Ehab says:

    The people over at the agency surely never browsed deviantArt for PSDs. They got all sorts of HTC Touch in there.

    How did tthey even approve this one ?

  4. Renzo says:

    Yep, devian art has so many psds of digital devices…. and I am dying to get an iPhone…