Rebooted – “Fat” faux footers

  • May 18th, 2006

Inspired by Phu’s Many colours of a reboot, I’ve decided to share my favorite sites which utilize “fat” footers. I think the more appropriate title for the trend would be faux footers. Rather than one line footers including contact information or short reference links, these “fat” footers usually play the role of the standard sidebar. A resource for archived content, quick posts, Flickrstreams, collections, resources, favorite quotes, running comments… You begin to see the trend.

The samples which I’ve collected below not only embrace the idea that the bottom of the page does not necessarily mean the end of a website, but the beginning of an onslaught of rich content and personality that early 2000 bloggers could only drool over.

RC Grafica

rc grafica

While RC Grafica does not possess a true “fat” footer, the layout idea was an instant favorite. If you take a minute to visit the site, there are no “pages”. Rather than requiring users to navigate between hyperlinked pages, the entire site is collected on to a single web page with anchor links inserted at strategic locations. Fat footer or not, the page lacks a true footer qualifying the page for my “Fat” faux footer collection.

Tennessee @ Summer

tennessee @ summer

Nothing like some southern brightness to lure tourists into the area for the season. Using bright colors and horizontal separation, the Tennessee @ Summer page offers readers with an immense amount of content. Despite the top content area being a little light compared to the bottom half of the page, I enjoyed the overall experience of the website. The dawn, day, dusk, night background switcher is definitely a nice touch.



I’m a sucker for fat, dark, wide footers. Niggle does it best with a text based fat footer presenting nothing but the necessary. No frivolity here. Archived posts, short links, and various support resources using a light on dark color scheme. Niggle and 5ThirtyOne must have been separated at birth.

Too many to list in a single post. The three sites above are just a small sample of some of some of my favorite websites / weblogs pushing the standard content & sidebar format out the back door until next season. Do you have any favorites? Drop the links and a description in the comments.