BLIK, paint with stickers – patience definitely required

Living in an apartment has its ups and downs. One undeniable downside is the fact that in order to recover the full deposit at lease end, the apartment must be in near perfect shape – the same condition that it was on move-in day. Being Derek, I decided against mounting the television and painting a accent wall only because I did not feel that I would be diligent enough to patch and repaint the wall(s) when it came time to move out. Since moving in, the walls have stayed fairly plain. Boring. I had always been a fan of decorative [temporary] vinyl wall art from the likes of Surface Collective or Blik, but had never gotten around to ordering anything for myself.


Fortunately, this past Valentines Day Sylvia tried to surprise me with a Threadless edition Blik surface graphic – Stone Jungle. I say tried because when I pick up a package in the mail room with Blik stickers covering the shipping tube, it’s a sure giveaway of what lies within. Thanks Syl, the wall art is definitely what the apartment was missing! It sure would have been funny if you had followed through with your plans to try and install it yourself before I woke up.

You can’t go wrong with temporary surface graphics

The beauty of vinyl wall graphics is that they are only as permanent as you want them to be. If you ever grow tiresome of looking at the same graphic, or it comes time to move, the graphic can be peeled off without leaving any type of residue or trace. Perfect for your leased apartment, townhouse, or dorm room.

Blik wall treatment

Blik ships the surface graphics in a sturdy cardboard shipping tube with a sticker affixed to the outside reading "paint with stickers". Fitting tagline. Stone Jungle arrived as two large pieces on transfer paper – each half measuring 72" by 20".

Smooth and easy installation, if your wall is perfectly smooth

Judging by the included install tips and short videos found online, the installation should have been a breeze. It wasn’t. There were two reasons which contributed to a difficult install: 1) each graphic was 72" wide, and 2) the walls in the apartment were not perfectly smooth. As hard as we tried, getting the 72" surface graphic to transfer smoothly without one side falling off the wall proved to be a tricky process.

How to simplify the process? Syl recommended I cut the 72" graphic into much more manageable ~12" portions. Installation now involved a high degree of patience and determination that a chopstick wielding master attempting to capture flies would have.

Top half Blik 1 Blik 2 Blik 3 Blik 4 Blik 5 Finished Hallway

An unconventional installation not documented by Blik but definitely makes the process easier for walls that are not smooth. Check out Blik for some great surface graphics. Some of my favorites are all of the Threadless specials, 8-BIT, and Bamboo.

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  1. lewro says:

    That looks great.You have inspired me. I am thinking to create some graphics myself and stick them on the wall. Cool idea.

  2. Adam Nelson says:

    We have Giant Robot Re-Stik and Invader Re-Stik in our apartment and they look great. It really adds some customization and personality to an otherwise boring white apartment. Installation was not much of a problem, since our graphics were about 7″ to 10″ tall individually.

    I’m quite pleased with them, and would even consider using them again when we finally own a home, and aren’t subject to security deposits and lease requirements.

  3. That’s awesome. I was planning to do that myself one day. Now if only I had a girlfriend nice enough to buy me the stickers. Haha. Nice idea on the application by cutting it into small pieces.

  4. Wow, thats a great idea, which has inspired me alot. I’m very much pleased. I would like to make these graphics are paste them in my house.

  5. Hey, that’s pretty! I’ll have to have a look at those stickers… If only my walls were smooth… 🙁

  6. Did you use Photoshop in that work?? I would like to learn those techniques?? Pwede ba??

  7. Your wall looks very nice like that! I also have a wall sticker in my house. Its a Grey flower arrangement kind of like a flower crown. I dont remember the brand but I get a lot of compliments for it. It wasnt too difficult to apply, but it did take some patience and dexterity. It came in a lot of segments that let you apply it into different shapes. but the cutouts are pretty thin by places and go into semi circles, so had to put it on the wall slowly and smooth it constantly so the shape would not bend.
    on the label it says it can be reused. I tried taking of a segment to put it elsewhere on the wall, it came of alright and stick again, but it was very delicate to peel especially at angles.

    its an easy way to decorate and lets you change often. the only downturn is that the good quality ones can be a bit pricey.

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