Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen vs. Terminator Salvation

Not much needs to be said here. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation. Which one do you think will have a bigger box office turnout?

Personally, I’m leaning more towards Transformers as my favorite of the two. Original video embeds were from Vimeo but were taken down.

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  1. hazelf386 says:

    Transformers is the best of all…. i really love the movie.. i am anxious to see the Transformer 2… specially bumblebee….

  2. choety says:

    I’ve seen both movie.

    terminator salvation is much much more better, not because of the CG itself but because of the story and twist of the story, plus the heart pounding sensation of the film,

    many specially above published username, saying biass statements (SEE THE FILM FIRST) 😀

    RATINGS 10 the highest
    TERMINATOR : 15/10 <— fuck the what? 😀

  3. Derek says:

    So I still haven’t had a chance to see Terminator Salvation, but I did get a chance to see ROTF at a IMAX theater. While I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing special effects and actions scenes, I have to admit that the story line was worse than the first. I will always be a Transformers fan, but if there is a 3rd sequel in theaters, I hope there is a little more time spent on the story with the same level of CG effects to match.

  4. craZed says:

    I saw both, and i like terminator a littel bit more than transformers !

  5. Canman says:

    i’ve watched both of them. They’re so good but i do have to say that terminator was better than transformers, but if i saw both of them in a shop, i would have to get both. And i haven’t watched the first transformers but after watching the second, it’s on my to do list

  6. salvatore says:

    I’ve watched both the movies, but I think I will go for Terminator Salvation as the best movie.
    Terminator Salvation is more exciting, interesting and provides a lot of comprehension for viewers.
    You need to watch the previous installment films in order to understand the series. It has more fun!

  7. Severus says:

    I’ve Seen Both.. 5 Star for Terminator and 4 star to Transformers. Both are Great pictures, however i choose Terminator!

  8. Raymund says:

    mas trip ko terminator dahil nasundan ko siya ng maayos kahit pa noon.. nakita din ang transformers and maayos naman din kaso may mga loopholes sa istorya..