My Dream App well under way

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Phill Ryu – a recent recipient of the Apple Design Award – spearheaded a new movement for the Apple community in hopes of developing select users “dream apps”. The notion behind My Dream App is simple: thousands upon thousands of OS X users have ideas, yet lack the expertise or skill-set to code those very dreams into reality. My Dream App aims at bridging the gap between the thinkers, and the doers.

My Dream App is a grand experiment to see what happens when you combine the expertise of some of the best talents in the software and tech world with great ideas and feedback from everyone else.

The contest, judged by a panel of respected developers, is well under way. Check out the lively forums for an idea of the types application ideas that have been floating around in the heads of Apple fans from around the globe. Contestants are gunning for the top as My Dream App promises to deliver a worthy prize package as well as a lucrative royalties agreement in the event an idea materializes into an actual distributed application.

There’s lots of prizes for the winners (and runners up). We’re giving away 18 iPods, and 6 Macintosh computers. But the big prize goes to the three final winners: a contract to have their ideas developed into full-blown shareware applications, with royalties for life.

OS X users definitely have a number of application options as it is. Check out MacUpdate for an idea of the sheer number of freeware / shareware apps available to users.

Despite the incredible number of options, chances are that there is something out there worth improving or creating. Do you think you have a killer idea for an application which should make its way through the development stages? Submit your idea straightaway and takes your chances.

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  1. akatsuki says:

    The problem is that the contest terms are almost unconscionable. You get 15% of Mac sales. None of any other platform. You bear the full liability if their is any sort of lawsuit (well they give you $100 to defend yourseld, how generous!).

    I’d rather donate any app idea to the open source sphere given those terms and hope for a project to form. It strikes me that the best sort of app is just one you personally need but that doesn’t have much commercial potential.

  2. Derek says:

    [quote comment=”5990″]You get 15% of Mac sales. None of any other platform.[/quote]

    I have this funny itch that tells me that the apps submitted to the contest, as well as the entire My Dream App as a whole, are without a question Apple-minded and OS X focused. From the developers list to the advertised prize package, I see no hint of any “dream apps” being coded for any other platform.

    [quote comment=”5990″]I’d rather donate any app idea to the open source sphere given those terms and hope for a project to form.[/quote]

    Key = hope. Submit, win, and know that your app will be developed by the creme ‘o the crop as far as Macintosh developers are concerned. Open source is awesome – assuming that a strong, focused, and driven team of developers have the time to continue development.

    Just look at who got the wheels turning on the project. We need more Phill Ryu’s to coerce a collection of willing & respected developers to come together.

  3. Nick Barrett says:

    Nice, can’t wait to see what app is finally developed, I bet there are loads of excellent ideas already, so the one that wins will be immense!