Joost is turning heads, want an invite?

UPDATE: Joost loaded the invites pool. Nearly unlimited invites available as of this update. Drop your request in the comments and I’ll make sure to send the invites out as soon as possible.

Joost logoThe closed beta (as of this posting) service Joost – from the creators of Skype – looks to be the hottest ticket at the moment as far as beta invites are concerned. If you haven’t heard of or read anything about Joost [and the promises, hopes, and dreams early adopters forsee], check out the chatter on Technorati. I manged to acquire an invite a number of weeks back and am entertained by the idea of legally running the application on my Apple TV without any necessary hacks or general geekery requirements. Come on Apple! Update our consoles with an online directory of “approved” applications we can run from our couches. Isn’t the Apple TV already phoning home?

I enjoy the idea of one day dropping / replacing cable television altogether in favor of online content. Come to think of it, I haven’t flipped through channels on TV for quite some time. Are you still watching cable television?

Joost channel browser

If you’re looking for a Joost invite, I currently have 5 available. The first 5 readers [have received their invites] to comment with their favorite article & why (I’m curious to hear about interests readers) from the archives will receive an invite in their inbox (assuming your address in the comment form is legit). I’ll update the availability of invites as time passes as my account is replenished.

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  1. Derek says:

    I’m surprised to hear the defense that Joost will not compare to actual television because Joost is streaming as opposed to being "live". Aren’t more people using TiVo to time-shift content anyway?

  2. Adam C. says:

    I didn’t get my invite… anyway you can try re-sending it, Derek?

    adam at ruleofone dot com is the one I usually use here or you could try
    carmodyarc at gmail dot com

    If you can’t I understand. It was nice to win one of these for once though. Go ME!

  3. Derek says:

    Hey Adam, I checked the invite status and all it shows is "invited". I can’t find a link to re-send. Sorry. Did you check your spam filter?

  4. Adam C. says:

    Hmmm… I did check the spam filter…. This makes me distrust Google Apps even more.
    Thanks anyway.

  5. David says:

    Hey all if anyone has a spare invite it would really be appriciated if i could get one email me at ThankYou.

  6. Lonnie says:

    Hi, anyone with an invite willing to pass me one? Much appreciated!


  7. Brian D says:

    Hi, Does anybody still have a Joost TV invite? If you do can i please get an invite? Send invite to

  8. Peter D says:

    Would appreciate an invite if one is still available. Send to


  9. Alex says:

    Back in the day I was able to get an invite for gmail, but this is totally different, it’s a service nobody knows what to expect from. Its mistery is what gets everybodys attention, that’s why I’m so eager to check it out. Throw an invite my way if you get any :))

    alex at theforextube dot com


  10. dawid says:

    Help out a Tvholic and send me an invite. I will be forever thankful!

  11. Antony says:

    Anybody can invite me? Please send invite to

  12. Dawid says:

    Damn.. forgot to add my mail! dawid(at)


  13. LUCA says:

    Would appreciate an invite if one is still available. Send to


  14. Derek says:

    Update: I just sent out invite to any comments above. Joost recently announced unlimited invites for its beta users so check with your contacts if you’re still looking for access.

  15. Stuff-Collector says:

    Please wanna heave an Invitation to Joost too =D

  16. I really would appreciate an invite to Joost. Please send invite to Tnx 🙂

  17. Derek says:

    Stuff and Teddy, invites sent. 997 invites left 😉

  18. Laurence Peck says:

    Hi, Been trying everywhere, big fan of 5thirty one.

    Can i please gen an invite!!!


  19. Derek says:

    Laurence, Joost should be in your inbox. Enjoy.