DS Lite – Bye bye productive day

  • July 23rd, 2006

nintendo ds lite screenie

Upon starting, the Nintendo DS Lite kindly prompts users that some games may induce seizures of some sort due to flashing graphics. What Nintendo should consider adding is an additional note; something along the lines of:

[…] this device is counter productive. Understand that once game play commences, you will no longer feel obligated or compelled to complete any real world tasks.

The DS Lite is by far Nintendo’s best gaming system to date. A personal opinion of course. Nintendo acknowledges where each previous gaming console fell short and does a great job at improving subsequent releases. Looking at the build & design quality alone, all other Nintendo systems pale in comparison to the DS Lite. Taking – what looks to be – inspiration from Apple’s iBook / MacBook line, the glossy finish on these handheld consoles is a considerable improvement over the original DS, let alone the original GameBoy [brick of a handheld].

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve spent more time with this device than any other electronic. The compact, super portable, and comfortable device leaves no excuse not to have a small gaming break wherever your travels take you.

Build & design quality

Any Apple user can attest to the fact that one of the most entertaining moments of ownership is the unwrapping period. Now, I may not have personally had the opportunity to open the DS Lite packaging (syl?), but I can sure say that the DS Lite was as entertaining as opening the MacBook. I blame it on the shiny white shell.

The DS Lite feels balanced. There are no protruding pieces, with the exception of the spring loaded power & volume sliders. The original DS looks almost alien in comparison. With the two halves of the original looking as though there were forcefully placed against each other, the DS Lite looks modern, clean, almost soothing to look at.

Mobile gaming convenience

Opting for the NEW Super Mario Brothers, I assumed that the game would keep me entertained for quite some time. I had no idea that the portability and convenience of the DS Lite would accelerate the rate at which a game can be successfully completed.

It’s the little things that count. What’s portable gaming without the convenience of having the ability to instantly pause and resume game play? Similar to Apple hardware which sleeps when laptop covers are closed, easily pause and resume game play by closing or opening the device. You’ll know the device is asleep thanks to the blinking power light at the top right corner.

Additional functionality to boot

I admit that I have not yet experimented with Wifi connectivity or networked gaming. There is a fully functional third party internet browser in development by Opera. Check out the review and video on the Opera Browser blogs.

If you are using Opera 9 right now and switch to small screen mode, it’s basically the same thing. That’s because Opera uses the same code in all of i’s browsers, so you can be absolutely sure the quality browsing experience they offer on a desktop PC and on your mobile phone is the same secure, fast and intuitive software, this time designed to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS’s dual screens, hardware buttons (for fast access to modes and shortcuts), and of course the touch screen.

To any veteran DS Lite users, syl and I are still learning about any additional tricks or hacks available to OS X users. Gaming cartridges look like bloated SD memory cards. Any way to write custom data to these cards?