What Apple ProCare service?

  • March 14th, 2007

Bleeding Apple Cinema Display LCD

Two days ago I noticed a saddening spectacle as I witnessed a dark irregular shape creep across the corner of one of my 23" Apple Cinema Displays. In stark contrast to a previous Apple service visit with ProCare membership in hand, a recent visit to the U-Village Apple Store was a complete surprise.

As stated on the Apple ProCare page, members are entitled to what is recognized as the Fast Track service:

ProCare is your ticket to priority repairs and available same-day service at the Genius Bar. Members get "Next in line, first on the bench" service on all in-store repairs. And if you have a quick technical question, just flash your card, and we’ll work you in as soon as we can.

Essentially, based on my knowledge of the service and experience from a previous visit ‘n drop with my MacBook, the entire process of leaving my display for repair should have been ~10 mins. rather than 1.5 hours.

The visit began with my arrival – Apple Display in hand. I approached the Genius Bar and politely spoke to Susan informing her of my request for assistance. She asked if I had previously registered for an appointment using any one of the computers in the store. I replied with a simple "no" citing the fact that I was a ProCare member. The reply: "you’ll still need to register for an appointment".

What? I though the value of the ProCare membership included what was known as Fast Track, or "Next in line, first on the bench"? I scratched my head, befuddled as I witnessed two additional ProCare members stunned that they would also need to register for an appointment. Even more aggravating was witnessing a recently finished Genius Bar rep reach out asking a customer if they had been helped yet? No registration, no name, straight into troubleshooting an application issue.

Had it not been for the interesting conversation I had with another customer about an iPod, the original Apple II series, and price difference of LCD’s 7 years ago in comparison to todays offerings, I might have literally gone crazy.

Bitch and moan Derek? Oh yes, very much so. I’ve even gone Dell because of today – 30" UltraSharp Widescreen 3007WFP to be exact.