Twelve South BackPack 2

  • August 9th, 2012

As usual Twelve South delivers with their new BackPack 2. I’ve been a long time fan of their BookArc vertical notebook stands. I don’t have any experience with any of their “soft” goods like the BookBook or SurfacePad, but Twelve South’s ability to execute a small idea with precision engineering and attention to detail is obvious.

Setup is a breeze with inserts suitable for iMac or Cinema Display users. I used the recommended L4 inserts to discretely store my MacBook Air behind the Cinema Display. If you are concerned about scratching your external drive or MacBook Air, Twelve South does include a thin rubber pad which sits atop the aluminum shelf. Even the four vertical pins are rubberized to prevent movement or scratches.

If reclaiming some of your desktop space sounds appealing, I highly recommend anyone with a MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac or small external drives check out the new BackPack 2.

Note that if you use the BackPack 2 with an Air or Mini, your audio jack is now a little more of a challenge to access. I’ve resolve that by leaving the headphone wire dangling from the cable cutouts along with the power and Thunderbolt.

And if you’re not using a PlugBug, check that out as well. The add-on provides an additional USB charging port to your Apple laptop charger.