The Magic Mouse

  • December 14th, 2009

I’m glad that Man & Machine won the rights to the name "Mighty Mouse". The Apple Mighty Mouse was an absolute disappoint. Three years ago I was ignorantly unaware of just how terrible the white wireless pill was. Initially impressed by its clean lines and bluetooth connectivity, I eventually came to realize what a pain it was to live with the thing. Over time, the little scrolling nub would collect oil, dust, and grime crippling functionality. I stopped using the side buttons altogether because of the pressure required to activate whatever shortcut I had mapped when squeezed.

The Mighty Mouse was the sole reason I discovered and subsequently moved to all Logitech peripherals – MX Revolution (excellent) & VX Nano (mobile awesomeness). Logitech offers multifunction mice that just work without looking terrible e.g. OOMouse. Impressed by ergonomics and the super fast "hyper scrolling", I thought I had found the last physical mouse I would ever need.

Apple Magic Mouse

Then the Magic Mouse was announced. Leaps and bounds above what was offered by the Mighty Mouse, the Magic Mouse was created with Multi Touch at its core – the same feature found in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and recent MacBook hardware.

Spend a few days with the Magic Mouse then switch back to a typical left / right click + scroll wheel mouse. You’ll notice a difference. Spend any time in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other creative software where zooming in and scrolling is a regular necessity and you’ll love the Magic Mouse even more. Accelerated 360 degree scrolling to move quickly through files is perfect.


With its super slim profile, you have to question the negative long term effects (if any) which may result from prolonged use. I admit that the first few days of use felt awkward. Coming from the [now chunky] MX Revolution, the low profile design worried me a bit. The palm of my hand rested on air as I tried to accustom myself to the flat mouse. Over the course of a week I trained myself to lay my hand directly on top of the mouse as though I were palming the desktop beneath. One month later, I can honestly say that I have not experienced any soreness.

Are you using a Magic Mouse? Have you experienced any soreness or discomfort using the mouse on a daily basis? Purchase the Magic Mouse directly from Apple or

Extras for your Magic Mouse

The single recommendation I will make for first time users is to open System Preferences > Mouse to change the tracking speed. Just in case you’re convinced that the Magic Mouse feature set is incomplete, check out these utilities for adding middle click and mapping custom touch gestures:

  • MagicPrefs – Improves the overall functionality of the Magic Mouse. Customize finger clicks, taps, swipe gestures, and more.
  • MouseZoom – Cocoa preference pane which speeds up your mouse cursor movement.
  • BetterTouchTool – Magic Mouse tool based on the trackpad MultiClutch utility.