Small OWC upgrade, new notebook tomorrow

  • March 29th, 2011

I’m still sitting at work checking off work tasks but I can not wait to get home. Delivery Status just confirmed delivery of my soon to be installed OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD. The peppy little SSD should transform my MacBook Pro into an entirely new notebook – right?

MacBook SSD upgrade

Credit to blogjunkie for the disassembly photo

After a short period with the 11″ MacBook Air, it was difficult to resist the urge for a full upgrade removing the SuperDrive from my MacBook Pro. I considered moving the existing 7200 rpm drive using the data doubler kit but was advised against the idea (no Sudden Motion Sensor to protect the plates). For now, the SuperDrive remains until I can convince myself to splurge for a secondary SSD to replace the optical drive.

If all goes as planned:

  1. Clean-up Applications / files – removing anything I don’t need and are long overdue for deletion.
  2. Installing the SSD into an internal Firewire drive.
  3. Cloning the existing HDD to the SSD using SuperDuper (test by booting off SSD).
  4. Disassemble MacBook Pro for install.
  5. Enabling TRIM for OS X 10.6.7 (found this handy utility).
  6. Making a super slick boot time comparison video for YouTube (isn’t that the natural thing to do?)

I swapped drives not too long ago so the install should go smoothly. Have you upgraded to solid state?