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apple genius bar repair slip

I’m happy to close the MacBook discoloration issue with a great deal of good news and to serve as a reference for an isolated number of MacBook users who seemed to have suffered a similar run of bad luck. To serve as a background on the matter:

  • Apple acknowledges that an early batch of MacBooks have exibited signs of discoloration.
  • Apple has not disclosed the serial numbers of affected machines.
  • Repairs are covered under warranty. Please contact AppleCare at +1 (800) 275 – 2273 USA. Immediately escalate the call to a product specialist. In order to prevent a similar conversation.

The AppleCare product specialist should walk you through the steps necessary for a MacBook shell replacement. The general method Apple recommends is that the machine be sent into an Apple repair depot. Turn around time is estimated at 5 business days with overnight shipping provided via DHL thanks to Apple.

If by chance a nearby Apple Store serves as an authorized repair center, chances are that you will be able to visit a store for a local repair (same-day granted parts availability). If the store does not have the necessary parts, inquire as to the possibility that the parts be placed on order for a later repair date.

If a parts order is required for replacement on a later date, double check to make sure the entire shell, trackpad, trackpad button, and keyboard are included in the repair. Reference the above screenshot above. Notice the replacement cost and repair fee for the entire package? Kind of funny considering the Mac Genius next to me quoted a repair job for a 3G iPod to be $249 to a nearby customer.

  • Shell, palm rests, trackpad + button, and keyboard: $101.56
  • Cost for instore replacement: $135
  • Apple warranty coverage: Priceless

Don’t sit back and wait for these faults to be admitted to, stand up and make something happen.

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  1. matt says:

    Congrats on getting it fixed as well as informing the community about Apple’s recognition of the problem. So many people just complain about companies, and then when the companies fix the problem they are no where to be heard. Thanks for getting the information out about both the problem and the solution.

  2. Derek says:

    Well we couldn’t have 5ThirtyOne continually pushing some sort of anti-Apple vibe now could we?

    I just wanted to make sure that users in similar situations would not have a difficult time getting exactly what they would expect as far as repairs are concerned.

  3. Regi says:

    The pains of being and early-adopter. I think that I will wait another month or two before I jump in bed with my next Macbook …pro that is.

  4. Derek says:

    I think for the most part, MacBooks and Pros are safe to purchase.

  5. Anshul says:

    Good that the issue has been resolved finally but what is hard to understand is why apple took so long to accept it. Had it been MS, I am sure there would have been much much more hue and cry about it. Anyways, atleast my macbook pro hasnt given me this problem.

  6. Hi Derek,

    Glad to hear that you’re getting your MacBook situation resolved.

    I think that Apple has proven time and time again they are willing to step up, admit fault, and make things right. I have a first generation G5 iMac, and the first iteration of a product is always prone to have quirks and possible faults. I would imagine that in time – just like with the G5 iMac – Apple will issue a public statement and offer to resolve the issue(s) at their expense.

    Kudos to Derek for the continuous information regarding his experience, and especially – as Matt says – for putting the positive information out so that people realize that Apple is working to make things right.

  7. Glad you finally got a replacement shell Derek, but you should have gone with Black to prevent this whole thing ;).

    *Glad he paid $200 premium for Black*

  8. Derek says:

    I hera the new rumors are that the black MacBook carry some sort of electical charge which is apparenlty giving users a mild “shock”. Good luck with that 😉

  9. Why should we MacBook users have to pay anything to have our faulty macbook covers/shells replaced, why? I have a new week 24 macbook and im just hoping that I don’t get these stains, but if I do, im not paying a thing 🙁

  10. Derek says:

    It’s covered under warranty Billy. Check the screenshot and notice the amount due $0.00.

  11. Oops, I got confused by the post, I understand now, glad to see Apple are beginning to recognise the problem 🙂

  12. […] Now, as many of you have probably read around the net, there are a lot of people having this problem (the discoloration issue) and Apple knew of the issue and was apparently replacing the affected MacBook pieces. However, when I called regarding the issue, Apple Technicians gave me the run around and in the end transfered me to a “Product Specialist”. Now I talked to a “Product Specialist” on 3 separate occasions regarding this discoloration issue, But only one of them actually know what they were talking about. One of them even went so far as to explain to me that I should change my hand soap! It finally came down to me getting someone-what disgruntle with one of the Product Specialist before they said they would fix it. […]

  13. BeachGuy says:

    Now that the discoloration is fixed, wait a few months for the palmrest, keyboard, and screen bezel plastic to separate from the case. The initially smooth-flush installation, will eventually pop out of the case.

    I’m trying to get mine fixed under warranty now.