Scheduled Apple repair date

  • July 7th, 2006

apple genius bar repair slip

I’m happy to close the MacBook discoloration issue with a great deal of good news and to serve as a reference for an isolated number of MacBook users who seemed to have suffered a similar run of bad luck. To serve as a background on the matter:

  • Apple acknowledges that an early batch of MacBooks have exibited signs of discoloration.
  • Apple has not disclosed the serial numbers of affected machines.
  • Repairs are covered under warranty. Please contact AppleCare at +1 (800) 275 – 2273 USA. Immediately escalate the call to a product specialist. In order to prevent a similar conversation.

The AppleCare product specialist should walk you through the steps necessary for a MacBook shell replacement. The general method Apple recommends is that the machine be sent into an Apple repair depot. Turn around time is estimated at 5 business days with overnight shipping provided via DHL thanks to Apple.

If by chance a nearby Apple Store serves as an authorized repair center, chances are that you will be able to visit a store for a local repair (same-day granted parts availability). If the store does not have the necessary parts, inquire as to the possibility that the parts be placed on order for a later repair date.

If a parts order is required for replacement on a later date, double check to make sure the entire shell, trackpad, trackpad button, and keyboard are included in the repair. Reference the above screenshot above. Notice the replacement cost and repair fee for the entire package? Kind of funny considering the Mac Genius next to me quoted a repair job for a 3G iPod to be $249 to a nearby customer.

  • Shell, palm rests, trackpad + button, and keyboard: $101.56
  • Cost for instore replacement: $135
  • Apple warranty coverage: Priceless

Don’t sit back and wait for these faults to be admitted to, stand up and make something happen.