MobileMe subscriber? Make sure to enable Find My iPhone

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Just a friendly reminder. If you are a MobileMe subscriber and have upgraded to the latest 3.0 iPhone OS, make sure to enable Find My iPhone on the device.

Here’s a real life scenario to understand just how useful the service could have been. This morning Syl and I carpooled into work. Four hours after dropping her off, I receive a call from a unknown number. It’s Syl calling from work and she has no idea where her phone is. Immediately, I think of Find My iPhone and log into MobileMe. Shock and horror: Find My iPhone is not enabled.

If the service had been enabled on the handset, I could have had a good idea whether a) Syl had simply forgotten the phone at home, or b) left home with the phone – which had accidently fallen out of her bag. It’s an interesting technology. Not entirely accurate, but a useful approximation of where the phone might be.


Enable Find My iPhoneI’m kicking myself right now because the feature is disabled. I plugged her phone in, upgraded the handset to 3.0, enabled OTA contact syncing, but neglected to dig down a few more menus to enable Find My iPhone. I logged into at&t wireless to check call history and discovered last call activity was 8:50 PM (previous evening). I’m hoping the phone is simply at home somewhere. Assuming the phone is somewhere at home, I pushed a reminder to enable Find My iPhone. If it’s not at home, it’s probably a goner.

Need more proof on how useful the feature can be? Check out this story about pursuing the handset in real-time using MobileMe. Don’t have MobileMe yet? Purchase it through Amazon and kick a little something back my way.

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  1. Tom Carmony says:

    I found myself in a very similar scenario about three weeks ago. I’d just enabled Find My Phone on my own new 3GS and was intending to do so on my wife’s 3G, as soon as she returned from an errand. Turns out, she was robbed of the phone (snatched right out of her hands) on that errand and we’d have been able to track the location of the phone and provide that info to the police. Not that they’re going to do a manhunt over a $300 phone, but the information would’ve certainly aided in their investigation.

    I’m still kicking myself over that one…

  2. Tom says:

    this story was a good read, funny and thrilling at the same time – glad they had a lucky end. how ended this story with syl, did you find it finally?

    after this blog from you i was doing some research for my brand new n97. dont roll with your eyes now, i like it more then the sexy iphone and decided to go with the nokia. but i didnt find any similar service like this “mobileme”.
    i was reading a little and found out that i can turn it off with a msg, but maybe you heard a little more…?
    i told my friends about this service and they are very happy now, bc they didnt know about it till now.

    • Derek says:

      We ended up figuring out she had simply left the phone at home. Because I found out when I was at work, and realized that Find My iPhone wasn’t going to work, I re-activated at&t FamilyMap. Three minutes later I found the phone located near our house. Afterwards, I quickly canceled FamilyMap and avoided the monthly charge from being on my bill.

  3. Tom says:

    glad it worked out and you had a happy end. last week my best friend invited me for some outdoor action, he first said we go for paragliding but it ended that i was taking pictures of him. i was waiting for him in the valley. while he was walking on the starting area he found an iphone, laying alone in the gras. he picked it up and put it in the pocket, then he gave me a call that he is starting and i was waiting for him.
    me lucky dude found, guess what? an iphone in the landing zone. some dude or dudette lost this gadget and i was alone, taking pictures.
    when he was landing very close to this landing zone the mobile rang and i answered and said in a pirrrrate voice that im the new admin of this iphone. was too funny in this moment. i told my friend about this and he said he found some too, the battery was gone.
    the owner of the mobile came a few minutes after the call and invited me for a coffee and i told him about this mobileme and referred him to the story of gizmodo and they are very thankfull now and glad they got their gadget back.
    would be funny if youre hunting the iphone while its in the air, would this work like it worked in the story. i mean, the guy was walking to a bus-station…

    the other iphone we brought to a police station and hopefully the poor guy that lost this gadget tries to call the “lost nĀ“found” station. 2 iphones on 1 day, sure it can happen that you lose things, but with your phone you lose a lot of private data. like pics, numbers, private messages – wished ppl would take better care of their things and life

    • Derek says:

      It’s good to have one of those rubber or silicone cases. They help keep the slippery iPhone in your pocket rather than sliding out when you’re active. Pretty funny to think about iPhones falling from the sky. You would think these people would at least pack their phones in a zipped compartment.

  4. Justin Bowers says:

    looks like it’s in seattle silly