Media Temple offers iPhone "friendly" AccountCenter

  • July 25th, 2007

Jason was kind enough to inform me that Media Temple customers with an iPhone in their back pocket now have quick access to their accounts with the new iPhone "friendly" AccountCenter interface! Media Temple customers can now manage their hosted site(s) from a sleeker, faster, and more convenient interface.

iPhone friendly Media Temple AccountCenter

Website administrators now have convenient access to the following features from their iPhone mobile web browser:

  • Adding a new domain (using an existing card on file or using a new card)
  • Server reboot
  • Email address management
  • Support request, ticket submit
  • Bill payment (using an existing card on file or using a new card)
  • Password management – AccountCenter / Email & FTP
  • Submitting feedback

Check the new AccountCenter iPhone interface out by visiting Media Temple’s iPhone page or logging in directly

Personally, I think the iPhone "friendly" AccountCenter is an extremely helpful alternative for website administrators to keep an eye on their accounts without loading unnecessary bits. Moving forward, I would like to see a few more administrative actions available like server upgrades and more fluid transitions from page-to-page. Now if Plesk was just a little more iPhone (mobile) friendly…

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