MacBook discoloration saga continues

Preface: Do not mistake this post as a sign of negativity towards Apple, Apple computers, the University Village Apple Store, and my handy MacBook. The following is published as proof of the existence of an ongoing issue concerning the white Apple 2.0GHz MacBook which I have had in my possession since 5/22 [read more].

On July 17th I returned to the University Village Apple store to pick up my MacBook from repair. The top shell was replaced under warranty in lieu of the yellow discoloration [Apple KB] that seems to have effected an isolated number of machines – including my own.

Upon returning home, I discovered that the trackpad button no longer returned any tactile feedback making it irritatingly difficult to select windows, highlight text, or complete any work within Photoshop with out the aid of an external mouse. I promptly returned to the store hoping that the machine could be quickly repaired. After speaking with the Assistant Manager, the only available route was to reschedule an appointment with the Genius Bar to have the machine looked at again. The machine was briefly inspected by the same individual who replaced the top shell the previous week and deemed under spec. A second top shell replacement, keyboard, and trackpad were placed on order for an second shell replacement.

While waiting patiently for the replacement kit to arrive in store, I am now noticing – after approximately one week of use – the same yellow / grey discoloration (visual aid) which appeared on the palm rests of the first shell. Not surprising in the least as spare parts for repairs are most likely extras left over from the first wave of MacBooks to leave the manufacturing facility.

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  1. What’s with the big disclaimer? Do you work for Apple, or are you just afraid the legions of Mac fans might respect you less if you don’t reaffirm your allegiance after daring to criticise? 😛

    I jest of course, but it does seem a bit unnecessary!

  2. Phil Bowell says:

    I took it to be that it was a way of stating this is the only issue I have had and is somewhat isolated, even though it is taking a while to resolve!!

  3. Derek says:

    Phil summarized it. I just don’t want the few posts concerning the matter on these pages to make it seem as though I carry any sort of anti-Apple feelings. 😉

  4. andrewsaturn says:

    weird. maybe they just replaced it with the same faulty plastic. hopefully next time you’ll get one made out of the different kind that doesn’t turn colors?

  5. Tommy says:

    I’m buying my Macbook at the end of this month. Does/Can Apple deal with these kind of issues over the phone, I have to buy direct from Apple as their is no re-seller round here so buying a dud has kind of got me worried. (I may just get the black one to avoid this kind of trouble)

  6. Derek says:

    Yes, you can deal with these types of problems over the phone. Rather than going in store to have something fixed (if available), Apple would send out a postage paid box for you to send your hardware back with.

  7. iFrodo says:

    So apparently you didn’t get a fixed top case.

    That wouldn’t surprise me considering that according to HardMac (cf, the new, presumably fixed, top cases weren’t available on July 17th, as HardMac stated on July 25th (so about a week after July 17th) that according to their source, not all CMAA have received the new case.

    And to even confirm more that, they also stated in a more recent news that affected MacBooks are from Week 17 to Week 27, so apparently new top cases were made for Week 28 (July 10th – July 16th) MacBooks and so it’s unlikely that CMAA got them before at best middle of Week 29 (July 17th – July 23th).

    As a hint, new, presumably fixed, top cases reportedly have a blue/grey color instead of the light grey of “bad” top cases.

  8. Nothing a bottle of Krylon can’t fix!!

    On a more serious note, I guess I’ll wait a little longer until I purchase my own Macbook.

  9. Kyle Schembri says:

    Still has been one of the best laptops I will and have owned. Despite all these problems I would recommend the macbook to anyone anyday.

  10. Derek says:

    [quote comment=”5402″]Still has been one of the best laptops I will and have owned. Despite all these problems I would recommend the macbook to anyone anyday.[/quote]

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Problems aside, the MacBook is very much the best laptop / notebook that I have ever used. OS X & Windows XP living in perfect harmony.

  11. Amin says:

    Interesting problem you have with your MacBook.

    I have the black MacBook (no whites in store when I went with a fistful of dollars – well English pounds anyway) and it shows palm grease quite readily, but it cleans up a treat with an expensive cleaner I got from the Apple store at the same time.

    To be honest, I love the machine so much that I’d put up with an odd problem just to be an early adopter. I know I should have waited for initial issues to be ironed out, but frankly the machine was just so ‘must have’ I couldn’t wait.

    I hope the ‘Geniuses’ at the bar provide you with a more permanent fix this time round!

  12. Stephanie says:

    After searching for a solution to fix my discolored Macbook palmrests/track pad, I called Applecare and they told me to send my computer in for a replacement case. I was reluctant to ship my computer to them, but the process turned out to be very efficient. They sent me a box, which arrived the next business day. I sent my Macbook off on Tuesday mid-morning and it returned with a new clean case on Thursday morning. I just hope the defect has been fixed and that the new plastic doesn’t do the same thing in a few months!

  13. Derek says:

    Apple has definitely improved their handling of the cases since the first few incidents were reported. I’m surprised to hear how short the turnaround for repair is now these days. Wow.