MacBook discoloration despite ShieldZone Standard kit

  • June 25th, 2006

I can not express my complete and utter amazement and irritation at this very moment concerning the white Apple MacBook. Exactly 10 days after sharing the discoloration issue select MacBook users were reporting, and 4 days after applying Shieldzones Standard Kit, I am in utter disbelief as I sit here next to the window staring at the yellow discoloration appearing underneath the ShieldZone film. Amazing! How does this MacBook plastic do it?!

discoloration underneath shieldzone

Words can not describe how displeased I am at this very moment with my MacBook. I support Apple, I love OSX, but this discoloration issue needs to be addressed. If a durable plastic film – similar to the protective film applied to automobiles – can not prevent further discoloration on the plastic shell, the discoloration must be a defect of the manufacturing process. The discoloration is not caused by oil or perspiration.

I dropped ShieldZone an email informing them of the discoloration. I’ve opened a thread in the Apple support forums. What we need is a resolution. What I don’t want is to have to send a work machine away to have Apple deem the issue as a cosmetic blemish due to improper care or “natural wear & tear”. What I don’t want is to be without a machine for up to two weeks. Where are the replacements? Digg this.

Apple doesn’t like the attention

apple account

I just noticed my disccusions account has now be removed from the database. Trust me, I know what my username and password is. Apple obviously doesn’t want me participating in the discussion that I started concerning the discoloration.

As of 6/26, Apple has removed thread access for both user accounts under my name. The initial account as well as the second which I created after discovering I was blocked. I have no idea if the threads even continue to exist. I’ve scoured the boards and have seen no traces.

Let’s weigh the reports shall we?