Living with a wireless Mighty Mouse

It’s been a little less than a week since I managed to procure one of Apple’s latest, the wireless Mighty Mouse. After having spent the last couple days with it, I’ve discovered a few pros and cons concerning the odd looking pill sitting beside me on my desktop.


  • Wireless. No point in feeling restrained by a single mouse wire.
  • Have access to both USB ports on an Apple notebook.
  • A strange white pill as desktop decoration to the untrained eye.
  • Control movies from across the room if you’ve managed to lose your Front Row controller.


  • Random bug which renders the right-click functionality useless unless the bluetooth on the computer is restarted. Follow the support thread on
  • On / off switch placement. Why didn’t Apple situate the switch closer to the base of the mouse? After putting the MacBook to sleep and proceeding to turn off the Mighty Mouse, doing so will most likely result in an inadvertent click waking the computer. Quick fix: Disable the “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer” option under Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Bluetooth.

Aside from the small glitch preventing me from using the right-click function from time-to-time, there really isn’t anything else to complain about. Once you accustom yourself to the Mighty Mouse trackball, there really is no other comparison. I spent some time with a regular mouse and browsing was so tedious.

Discuss - 4 Comments

  1. cavemonkey50 says:

    Do you still have to remove your finger from the left mouse button to right-click?

  2. Derek says:

    Yes. We still have to lift the left finger in order to get right-click to work. What a pain to test. I had to restart bluetooth twice in order to get right-click functionality to work in order to try.

  3. Karl says:

    I find that rotating the wrist as opposed to lifting the left finger is a much more comfortable solution for this. Yes, it is still a pain though (although in less of a literal sense).

    One other tip I have is to clean the scroll ball once very week or two whether it’s starting to do funny things, or not. I went through 4 in 12 months before trying this, and the latest is currently still going strong after 6 months.

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