iPhone with Cingular receipt

  • March 6th, 2007

iPhone on the Cingular receipt

Image links to an actual photograph of the original receipt – Cingular Store, Redmond, WA.

Late last week I traded in my Sprint BlackBerry 8703e for a Cingular BlackBerry Pearl. I will reserve a full review / thoughts for another day. However, today I felt the urge to share this little piece of info. Earlier tonight while looking over recent receipts, I noticed this short line in the middle of the transaction. In plain view is the string "iPhone for DEREK PUNSALAN" above the 2 yr. service agreement discount. Cingular, I didn’t order an iPhone, but are you hinting [with this glitch] at a $150 discount for 2 yr. service agreements already?

Thankfully, I refrained from starting a wildfire claiming that I had received an iPhone with receipt as proof. Is this receipt print-out hinting that the iPhone may be discounted for longer service agreements? I’d like to find out / hear from anyone else [digg this] who has opened a line of service recently that may have had something similar on their receipts.

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