iPad 2: The usual “thinner, faster, lighter”

Did you hear? The new iPad was announced as the iPad 2. Thinner, faster and lighter. Dual core A5 chip, better graphics (for videos & gaming) and the same great battery life. Oh, and one other surprise(?) front and rear facing cameras. You know, so you can get your Facetime, Skype or Fringe on. Black or white, AT&T or Verizon… Decisions.

Android Honeycomb powered tablet thingamajing what? But does the iPad support Flash? The latest and greatest competitor from Motorola seems to have something to say about Flash.

In any case, check out the latest iPad 2 features. Are you sold?

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  1. Ruddy says:

    Shortly after the announcement, I ordered a refurbished iPad for $349. First iPads dropped by $100. I don’t need the cameras, the A4 is just fine, and I can care less if it’s thinner or has a gyroscope.

    • Derek says:

      I plan on picking-up the new one. After the iPad 2 announcement I went to Craigslist with the intention of posting mine for sale. iPads are going for great prices right now – most with a full set of accessories to boot. I’m thinking mine will find it’s way to another set of hands in within my family circle.

    • Ruddy says:

      Hope you enjoy it! Please share your thoughts after playing with it for a while!

  2. Resep says:

    I’d love to buy one, but FYI, the Apple’s products are so expensive in Indonesia, sometimes has several hundred dollars diffrents with the price in US 🙁