Initial impressions of the 2GHz MacBook

  • May 27th, 2006

My initial impression(s) of the MacBook 2GHz Core Duo? Amazing. These machines are very much as capable as their older sibling MacBook Pro’s. With the first revisions of these MacBook already nipping at the Pro’s heels with 2.0 GHz Core Duo’s, the decision as to whether that extra few hundred is really worth the metal housing and upgraded graphics card is surely one that many Apple customers will face.

  • PPC vs. Intel: Wow. Intel, where have you been all this time? OSX on the PPC architecture was heaven. OSX on Intel? Divine. As my good friend Dan puts it, never touch an application if it’s flying the PPC colors.
  • Integrated iSight: It’s a shame the original iSight, in all its industrial style, looks archaic in comparison. I’m sorry iSight, I’ve left you for a smaller, lighter, and more willing camera which has agreed to come with me wherever I go without making me look like a super geek at the cafe.
  • Glossy 13″ widescreen: I don’t care what others say about you glossy. Although rumors are true that you do outshine the matte screens of yesteryear, your clarity and brightness is something the previous iBooks or Powerbooks could never match.
  • User friendly: User replaceable – and not to mention easy – memory and hardrives [without risk of voiding your warranty].

Aside from being one of the best hardware configurations that I have had running Windows XP Pro, the number of high notes to glorify are too many to itemize. Yes, I did the unspeakable. I dual boot Windows. Not because I necessarily need or want to, but because I can. I now have a reason to grin in front of Microsoft employees on the way home. “Oh damn, I need to run Office – which runs like ass molasses on OSX Intel – so I better boot into *gasp* Windows XP.”