Immediate Apple ProCare results

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After being notified that the second white MacBook shell replacement would be released unless a repair was scheduled, I immediately phoned the local store in order to speak to a Genius Room specialist. After speaking with a specialist, I inquired about an approximate turn around time for the repair and received a 2-3 day response. Not too pleasing to hear considering the trackpad woes I was experiencing resulted from an error during the previous warranty repair. The solution to an expedited repair service? Apple ProCare’s own Fast Track service.

ProCare is your ticket to priority repairs and available same-day service at the Genius Bar. Members get "Next in line, first on the bench" service on all in-store repairs. And if you have a quick technical question, just flash your card, and we’ll work you in as soon as we can.

ProCare membership definitely deserves high accolades. The ProCare difference? Spoke with Alyssa [U-Village Apple Store] at approximtely 4:50 PM, picked up ProCare and dropped off the MacBook at 5:05 PM, and received a repair completion call at 6 PM. So much for the 2-3 days right? If you rely on your Apple hardware for daily use, definitely consider ProCare. In addition to the Fast Track service, ProCare users have access to one-on-one personal training, yearly tune-ups, and advanced reservations.

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  1. Chou! says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Pro Care member actually get expedited repair service, I always though it was just advanced reservation and ability to cut in line.

    I think I might have to get procare as well…

  2. Jon says:

    It’s always awesome when something like that comes through way sooner than you’d expect. Too bad you’re having such trouble with that thing…

  3. Derek says:

    Fortunately the problems are only skin deep. Thankfully the machine notebook itself is stellar. The MacBook is definitely the best notebook that I have used to date. Performance is rock solid. I guess the new decision to make is whether AppleCare is a worthwhile investment. Aside from aesthetics, any Apple computers that I have used have shown zero signs of hardware failure requiring warranty coverage.

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