Not aesthetic, MacBook hardware issue

  • September 3rd, 2006

After two consecutive top shell replacements on the MacBook to alleviate the aesthetic issue(s) presented due to discoloration on select Rev. A MacBook’s (white), I am unfortunate enough to experience an altogether new problem concerning – presumably – the logic board.

After hearing news from a fellow 9ruler concerning random shutdowns, I laid my discoloration woes at bay. A discolored MacBook isn’t so bad. At least I’m not experiencing random shutdowns.

Unfortunately, I may have very well jinxed myself. Roughly two hours ago, while working on a mockup for an active project & structural markup for an additional site, my MacBook shut down completely. After the momentary shock realizing that I had lost any changes made over the previous 20 minutes, I came to my senses and attempted to reboot the machine. No power. It took six attempts to make it to the login screen. Thinking that the battery had died, I checked the battery status only to discover that the computer had a full charge.

Overheating issue? Unlikely. A quick temparature check after rebooting showed an acceptable 56C. Nothing out of the oridinary since the firmware update. Processor load issue? Unlikely as well. Unless of course a Core Duo finds a single 5 layer PSD, TextMate, and iTunes a processing burden.

With ProCare membership in hand, I will make yet another visit to the nearest Apple store for what will be the 4th repair on this machine. I am more than willing to upgrade this machine in hopes of squashing additional problems. If only the in-store manager would sign-off on such an order. If such an exchange is impossible, I guess the MacBook is going in for open surgery.