Not aesthetic, MacBook hardware issue

After two consecutive top shell replacements on the MacBook to alleviate the aesthetic issue(s) presented due to discoloration on select Rev. A MacBook’s (white), I am unfortunate enough to experience an altogether new problem concerning – presumably – the logic board.

After hearing news from a fellow 9ruler concerning random shutdowns, I laid my discoloration woes at bay. A discolored MacBook isn’t so bad. At least I’m not experiencing random shutdowns.

Unfortunately, I may have very well jinxed myself. Roughly two hours ago, while working on a mockup for an active project & structural markup for an additional site, my MacBook shut down completely. After the momentary shock realizing that I had lost any changes made over the previous 20 minutes, I came to my senses and attempted to reboot the machine. No power. It took six attempts to make it to the login screen. Thinking that the battery had died, I checked the battery status only to discover that the computer had a full charge.

Overheating issue? Unlikely. A quick temparature check after rebooting showed an acceptable 56C. Nothing out of the oridinary since the firmware update. Processor load issue? Unlikely as well. Unless of course a Core Duo finds a single 5 layer PSD, TextMate, and iTunes a processing burden.

With ProCare membership in hand, I will make yet another visit to the nearest Apple store for what will be the 4th repair on this machine. I am more than willing to upgrade this machine in hopes of squashing additional problems. If only the in-store manager would sign-off on such an order. If such an exchange is impossible, I guess the MacBook is going in for open surgery.

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  1. Ronald Heft says:

    Wow, that sucks. Good luck with getting your MacBook repaired.

    Speaking of RSDs, I’m praying they don’t start happening to me. I had one RSD when I was showing off a slideshow to about 60 people last month, and hoping that’s the last of them.

    By the way, the RSD culprit has been found.

  2. Derek says:

    Caught that post about the source of the issue. Disappointing to say the least. Let’s hope your single incident was a fluke. I’m constantly backing the hardrive nearly every hour.

  3. Patrick Ømar says:

    I had some problems with my macbook too. I guess all the possible problems: first it didn’t start(had to reset the comp), second I got the vertical line and mac ox didn’t start(had to reset the PRAM), third I had a shutdown problem and the final problem was it didn’t start over again(the battery was dead after calibration).

    The mackbook is still at the assistence after 45 days and they hadn’t fixed it yet. I tried to contact the main Apple, but they never returned my emails. And they say they are different….

    If you live in Brazil, don’t buy an Apple. It takes ages to get fixed, especially when the Customs are on strike… and Apple don’t give a shit about it.

  4. Derek says:

    International Apple customers – from what I’ve heard – have always had a difficult time dealing with Apple concerning any required repairs or warranty issues. It’s difficult not having a nearby Apple depot in the vicinity. I hope that Apple / customs gets your issue resolved Patrick.

  5. eric says:

    seems i’m in the same boat as you derek. it seems this JUST started happening this weekend, and then right after i read stammy’s post about it. at this point if you could get someone to sign off on an upgrade i’d probably do the same. at this point dropping a couple hundred isn’t as huge of a lose to me as the time lost having to send it out and repaired over and over not to mention the work time missed out on while it in repair.

  6. Derek says:

    No upgrade issued 🙁

    I just dropped the machine off today. 7-10 days is what I’ve been told.

  7. eric says:

    so i’m dropping mine off on friday but while i was making the appointment i came up with an alternative solution if this issue continues. i’m simply going to have it repaired and put the thing on ebay. its still under warranty and as much as i love the thing, i’ll take the money and buy a macbook pro.

  8. Derek says:

    We think alike. The MacBook is in for repair and a local listing has already been posted ala Craigslist. I am not going to risk losing time like this again. With announcements around the corner, it does not sound like a bad idea to start looking at alternatives.