Does Apple acknowledge MacBook discoloration?

  • June 15th, 2006

Over the past few days I followed the support thread on regarding the discoloration experienced by early MacBook adopters. Unfortunately, it seems that the machine I use suffers from the same reported issue.

After having the machine for approximately 20 days, a considerable amount of yellow / grey discoloration has appeared in and around the palm rests, trackpad button, and below the spacebar.

Having previously owned an iBook making no conscious effort to prevent dirty hands from touching the computer, I never once witnessed discoloration on the plastic palm rests. Considering I wash my hands religiously before using this MacBook, I am extremly surprised at the rate of discoloration.

  • Model: White 2.0GHz MacBook
  • Extra: 2GB Ram upgrade
  • Serial: 4H619

Hopefully, Apple decides to announce some sort of recall or shell replacement [under warranty] without the need for owners to be without computers. Strangely, the original support thread reporting the issue has since been locked (with no explaination).

Not surprisingly, after dicussing the issue with a Genius Bar rep, I was informed that the discoloration fell under natural “wear & tear” and that cosmetic issues were not covered under warranty. There was also no guarantee that sending in a machine with the discoloration – for up to 14 days – would automatically qualify you for a shell replacement.

My temporary fix? Hover touch typing. Yes, I have begun typing without allowing my palms or fingers to touch any area of the palm rest. Surprisingly, the palm rest continued to darken.