Apple iPad, Underwhelmed? Will you buy one?

The Apple tablet for the masses is here and it’s called the Apple iPad. I’m sure Apple conducted hours of user research & feedback to decide on the name iPad. Right? I really liked the idea of the tablet being called Canvas though. So what are my initial thoughts?

When will the iPad Pro be announced? You know, the grown up version capable of running professional software like Photoshop?

The truth of the matter is that I will somehow convince myself to buy one. An ideal device for the coffee table, beside your bed, on the toilet (having the iPhone has changed the way I poop), or while travelling. What do you think, will you buy one? Will the first iPad usher in a new era of power tablets to be released by Apple over the next 10 years? Or will Apple keep the iPad line focused on entertainment with no real plans to offer a full OS version?

To find out more about the iPad, check out this exhaustive post on Gizmodo: Apple iPad: Everything you need to know.

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  1. Leo Fabi says:

    Not impressed.

    1: No attached keyboard – like most netbooks have. They should have made it fold up like the tablets with a keyboard.

    2: Too expensive. $700.00 for one with 3G. They have got to be kidding. And you are still stuck with ATT’s crummy and spotty service.

    3: I already have a iPhone and MacBook. Why would I want this?

    It makes no sense when you can buy a top of the line netbook that will work on any network for around $300.00.


  2. business kid says:

    I would use this for business, real estate developments, meetings, conferences, expos and etc.

    • Derek says:

      Definitely plenty of potential in any of those areas. Carrying a paper hard copy of your presentations is definitely a thing of the past. Some of the most beautiful meeting presentations I’ve seen were created in Keynote. Now you have Keynote with you without having to open your laptop.

  3. bboucher says:

    I want to but one. When traveling on business listening to my iPhone I have eyed other folks reading their Kindle. Sure would be nice to have a nice sized screen, some good content and soothing music to pass the time. Then what does Apple do? They add pretty usable business applications that will suck me back into work. Nothing like prepping and refining that presentation without the joy of laptop clam shell typing in the midst of that vast airline accommodations. I don’t need Photoshop and many applications are moving into the cloud. However, connectivity is crucial. Communication costs need to be consolidation to make this a killer app. The iPad is just a little bit ahead of it’s time. But not by much.

  4. iPad Pro – I can’t see that happening for a while, not unless the iPad turns out to be Apple’s biggest seller. I definitely don’t see them wanting to hurt potential MacBook sales.

    I must admit that I’m not immediately drawn to the device. I’m sure it’s very cool and all that but I have no need of a tablet – a MacBook is of much more utility to me.

    I do appreciate that it has its place though – I can see it being very popular.

    But “iPad” – too close to “iPod” for my liking. “Canvas” would have been an awesome name for the device.

    • Advait says:

      I agree about the Canvas. I blogged about it as a potential name as soon as I saw the event invitation. I even told all my friends that Apple most certainly wouldn’t call it the iPad, it’s just too lame a name and has all sorts of connotations. Looks like I’ll have to eat my words.

  5. Karen says:

    “When will the iPad Pro be announced? You know, the grown up version capable of running professional software like Photoshop?”

    That was exactly what I was wondering prior to the announcement earlier today! I was hoping it would be able to do this from the start, but then again I would be screwed as I have my Creative Suite on my macbook and my iMac, hmmmm I think Adobe would have to be able to let you set up the software on three different machines?!? So much to hope for….

    I have to back you up, I like the name Canvas or iCanvas way better than iPad. iPad sounds like a tablet made for only women, and I will leave it at that…seriously now I will be sending my loving husband to the apple store to buy me a iPad Maxi Pro (yes, this version would be fully loaded)! Ok, I have to stop, obviously the possibilities are endless……

    I have to say I’m on the fence… looks like fun, think I would enjoy the drawing applications better on the ipad better than the iphone. Movies/videos etc. would all be better….I forsee my 7 and 10 year old getting a hold of it…. and I also forsee buying the first generation and 6 months later apple coming out with the ipad pro and then I’ll be screwed all over again.

    Although my 10 year old just reminded me I could give it to her and then buy the ipad pro (if it ever comes to fruition)! Thank God for 10 year olds reading over my shoulder, now I don’t have a reason not to buy one!

    • Derek says:

      I can’t wait to see my niece / nephew light up with big smiles when they get ahold of the iPad loaded with some of their favorite iPhone games. I’ve always seen the potential of the iPhone as a learning tool but the small screen creates challenges. With the iPad, we’re going to see a surge in learning apps with plenty of screen real estate to make use of.

  6. Scott says:

    Meh, I’m a bit underwhelmed by the iPad, though I think it will probably be a hit in the consumer space for the people whose primary use is reading and web browsing with limited interaction. They had to hit that lower price point since comparisons to netbooks are inevitable. The thing about netbooks is that they act like full (though low-powered) computers with freedom to download software from whatever sources I decide I trust or like.

    I’d much rather have a device that acts more like a full computer than one that acts like an overgrown iPhone. Sure there are lots of things in the app store, but I’d like a bit more control of this device that I bought than Apple deciding what they’re allowing me to install and what they aren’t.

    The lock down means I’ll wait. I can put up with lock down on a phone device which isn’t my main daily device, but for a computer-like device that I’d want to use all the time it becomes intolerable that Apple limits me according to the software it will sanction. I don’t need a giant iPhone. There are other limitations (like lack of Flash, Java) that are smaller issues, too.

    I’m sure the interactions are nice and swooshy in typical Apple style. I’ll stick with my netbook until somone can produce a low-cost tablet device that acts more like a traditional computer than a giant locked-down phone.

    It’s my device, not yours. Let me do what I want with it.

  7. CHris says:

    I too am a bit underwhelmed. I love the idea of a tablet. I would just like to have it running with macbook specs. I hope they release the next macbook pro with that screen. I will be all over it then. Well, that and include an HDMI output.

    I just keep drooling over the possability of using Photoshop with that screen. For me it just looks like a big version of the iphone. Which isn’t bad I guess, but not what I am looking for.

  8. Derek says:

    The more I think about Photoshop on a Apple tablet the more I think that the Adobe suite would need a UI overhaul. Something that would be much more touch friendly.

  9. Leo Chen says:

    I actually just ordered that t-shirt you referenced… I like playing iDragPaper ( on my iPhone while I poop… 🙂

  10. Jim says:

    If it were $200 I’d get one, just for use on the couch. I already use the iPhone for most of my web browsing and email at home, and the iPad would be way better. But not for $500.

    With the iPhone, Apple really transformed the cell phone and everyone copied their great ideas. Hopefully that will happen with tablets, so in a year or so we’ll have some equally cool Windows 7 slates for dirt-cheap.

  11. kirby says:

    i agree with derek on photoshop, i would have thought if it does come out for the tablet, it will be a slightly different programme based on your hands not a mouse

  12. Eric says:

    I wish it ran full OSX and capable of running iPhone apps.

    That’d be the hotness

  13. jobstyle says:

    I want buy it. I just have iPod touch. So I want it instead of netbook.

  14. Forrest says:

    Apple’s groovy computer will eventually grow after the first over-hype period during it’s unveiling. The A4 chip and Mac’s potential to fix some problems will start to make the iTablet a huge product in time.

  15. Tom says:

    when i heard of it the first time i was wondering what it could be, so i jumped on this apple hype again.

    in school and university we all talked about it since weeks and the most said, if there is no osx installed, its nothing more then a big iphone. i dont wanna believe that this is all to be honest.

    i followed the presentation on cnn stream and was excited and fascinated what apple brought this time to they audience and its more then an innovation.

    for presentation and in school i can imagine using this very well, connected to your network and servers, synching with your devices, using some very good and interesting iphone apps – a very nice ebookreader so i can take them all with me and you can watch some movies too.

    i think im never gonna use it to make presentations i mean ” with one finger you can drag pages up and down…..!” i can do this right now with a mouse too!

    some things i really miss, such as a camera the most. making skype calls with friends and family yould be the best thing if it has a camera. maybe this is an update for later. for me the ipad is not really a new revolution, it should be more a device that makes your life easier

    what i wished and dreamed of was, maybe this is ipad is getting a tablet?

    a friend of mine said, this is nothing more then a big remote control with an apple logo…we have to see what it really is when it comes to the stores

    imagine if this is really a full working drawing tablet, kicking bamboo and intuos out of the market…

  16. natech says:

    There’s already many good comments , so trying not to repeat here. The only reason I can think of why they named it iPad is to keep in line with iPod and the one which you’ve brought up is the ability to draw stuffs on it like a touchpad, so it’d make sense to use the name despite all the jokes. Use it like a notepad too and for presentations. I’m concerned about the long tail model, though, since not everyone has such a need and is not that sophisticated, which we know what Steve Jobs is all about. It’s a game-changer, no doubts, and take everything to the next level in terms of presentation, style, and technology. Imagine a professor or lecturer carrying iPad into a classroom and give a presentation? That’s hot.

  17. andriy says:

    this product just like anything also will find it’s client base.
    personally until there’s an actual need for this i don’t really “have” to have it. but i definitely see where this thing is going to come in handy for some people
    i have friends that drag their laptops across the country just to show a pre-made slide show. this thing would be lighter and less painful so for them this would be a life saver event at 1000$

  18. Gordon says:

    No Will not buy ..

    Bloddy stupid.. especially since its pretty low spec and they did not put a camera…

  19. Hm….not sure about this one! I love mac products and have my own macbook pro laptop which is great. My husband thinks these are great, me not so sure.

  20. I was all for the “Canvas” name too. Would’ve been a perfect choice.