A few more tempting Apples fall from the tree

  • October 14th, 2008

Apple MacBook updateDamn Apple and my own timing when it comes to purchasing hardware right before updates happen. A month has barely passed since picking up a fully loaded MacBook and Apple updates the entire notebook line. Both the consumer level MacBook and professional level MacBook Pro received noticeable updates inside and out. Both are now equally attractive with the MacBook receiving new juice from NVIDIA.

Things that make me want the updated MacBook:

  • New manufacturing process for the aluminum case.
  • A design which blends the MacBook Air + iMac.
  • Increased graphics power with NVIDIA.
  • Multi-Touch glass trackpad

Things that make me bury the idea of getting the updated hardware:

  • Constantly reminding myself that I am never content with a purchase. Not "buyers remorse", it’s the itch to have the NEW.
  • The card that would carry the weight of the purchase is now going in a glass of water. Soon to be buried under lima beans in the freezer. Note to self, buy lima beans and brussels sprouts.

So come out and admit it. Are the updates appealing enough to warrant a purchase, or nothing more than a shoulder shrug? By the way, Apple… Please come out with a netbook. My frankenstein Acer Aspire One with OS X falls short.

That Apple LED Cinema Display looks mighty tasty… must resist.