A few more tempting Apples fall from the tree

Apple MacBook updateDamn Apple and my own timing when it comes to purchasing hardware right before updates happen. A month has barely passed since picking up a fully loaded MacBook and Apple updates the entire notebook line. Both the consumer level MacBook and professional level MacBook Pro received noticeable updates inside and out. Both are now equally attractive with the MacBook receiving new juice from NVIDIA.

Things that make me want the updated MacBook:

  • New manufacturing process for the aluminum case.
  • A design which blends the MacBook Air + iMac.
  • Increased graphics power with NVIDIA.
  • Multi-Touch glass trackpad

Things that make me bury the idea of getting the updated hardware:

  • Constantly reminding myself that I am never content with a purchase. Not "buyers remorse", it’s the itch to have the NEW.
  • The card that would carry the weight of the purchase is now going in a glass of water. Soon to be buried under lima beans in the freezer. Note to self, buy lima beans and brussels sprouts.

So come out and admit it. Are the updates appealing enough to warrant a purchase, or nothing more than a shoulder shrug? By the way, Apple… Please come out with a netbook. My frankenstein Acer Aspire One with OS X falls short.

That Apple LED Cinema Display looks mighty tasty… must resist.

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  1. J David says:

    I am drooling myself, but there are HUGE downsides. First, it looks like Apple has given professional developers the cold shoulder by getting rid of the matte screen option as well as eliminating firewire 400 on the pro and firewire altogether on the macbook. Talk about a slap in the face of the people who have always supported the company; now Apple is targeting your average college student/starbucks d-bag…

    Finally, the more I look at it, the less I like the design. Sure it takes some of the nice cues from the iMac (which is the most beautiful in the lineup, in my opinion), but it just doesn’t work as well in laptop form. I also don’t like the blurring of the macbook and the pro lines.

    All that being said, I do wish I had one right about now…

  2. Everything sure looks tasty. I agree Apple need to come out with a netbook. But Apple doesn’t seem to like low priced thing. I’m guessing they’re trying to keep their premium image. And I wonder how that apple tablet is coming along.

  3. Carlitoes says:

    Derek, did you ever get the wireless to work on the Acer + OSX?
    That’s the only thing that’s holding me back from making the purchase…

  4. Derek says:

    Yes, wireless networking works with iAtkos 10.5.4 + Acer Aspire One IF – big IF – you change the mini wireless card in the machine. Assuming you are already comfortable opening the case (good idea to upgrade the SSD to a 1.8" ZIF HDD) then swapping the wireless card is a piece of cake. I grabbed the Dell 1390 off ebay for $10 which worked without any ktext mods. Ethernet still does not work though…

  5. Kai says:

    I’m impressed, and I’ve been waiting for the release of this MacBook over the last few months as I’ve been meaning to purchase a laptop.

    The downfall of this idea is that the Australian dollar is so low now, and because of this Apple’s Australian prices have been jacked up. I can’t really afford to get the new model, which is very disappointing, now it looks like I’ll have to go for the previous model “White MacBook”.

  6. Kevinwin says:

    ehh.. you already know how I feel bout Apple products, haha.

    but all I really see is slight aesthetic upgrades here..

    – a button-less trackpad
    – fewer I/O ports
    – glossy display only
    – two toned

    not much of an upgrade in space and RAM either.. yeah good graphics card but killer on your battery also.

    no need to upgrade yet

  7. Derek says:

    Wow, Apple charging $100 for a Mini DisplayPort adapter to drive the 30" Cinema Display? Really?

  8. Kelly says:

    I just got a 17″ Macbook Pro this summer. I’m sufficiently happy with it that I won’t buy another one for a few years. If Apple can make a Macbook with 8 hours battery life, however, I would jump on that.

    For writing and most non-work-related external uses, I use a Lenovo Thinkpad X61s so that I don’t have to plug in ever. The thing weighs just 3.5 pounds, and the battery lasts literally 8 hours. The caveat being that I must use Vista and an inferior word processor.

    I’m curious to learn about your frankenstein Acer Aspire One with OS X.

    Go buy them lima beans and brussels sprouts!

  9. Alex says:

    A year ago I bought a new black macbook. 3-4 weeks later they released the slightly upgraded model, so I called em up and said I could send back my old one and get one of the new ones replaced.

    Didn’t cost me anything, may be worth a shot in your case.

  10. Aaron says:

    what alex said. I think this is standard policy with apple. They look tasty for sure, but between my early ’08 imac and my old 15 ali powerbook, i think im doing fine.. FW 400 for the win!

  11. A month ago I advices a friend to not buy until the update is out. Updates are fairly easy to smell coming and even more easy to check out on the internet. Rumor sites have all the details and macrumors even has a section that says if it is advisable to buy or not and when was the least update of model. Pretty useful..

  12. Alan says:

    Hey Derek, I came across your site through your Unstandard WordPress Theme and I love it! I noticed you had an Apple category, so I decided to read it. I just picked up a new MBP, and I must say that the LED screen is absolutely gorgeous. In addition, the button-less trackpad with the 3 and 4 finger gestures is a great tool since I am always using expose. My one gripe is that these gestures don’t work with many non-Apple software titles.

    @J David, the glossy screen is actually really nice. I was skeptical at first, but after using it, I have decided that it looks significantly more “alive” than a matte screen. The firewire 800 port is backwards compatible with firewire 400, but you’ll have to get a converter cable…Set me back $40 just to transfer some stupid files. Overall, a great machine that I am very very very happy with!