2nd generation Nano demands more

  • September 18th, 2006

What do current 1st generation iPod Nano [$99 refurbs] owners receive when they opt to upgrade to the newer 2nd generation brushed aluminum equivalents? They receive a number of upgrades through a much sleeker footprint / body, brighter screen, redesigned earphones, and an incredible 24 hour [claimed] battery life. Amazing right? All of that for a mere $149 2GB, $199 (4GB), and $249 (8GB) respectively. Most interesting is Apple’s continued exploitation of anything black that it may pass through the glass doors. Black MacBook, black Nano, each with a significant price difference over more livelier colors.

Surprisingly, the premium on black Nano’s won’t matter. People will pay for the matte black version of the 2nd generation Nano regardless. Why? Because it looks so damn cool. I should know… You can bet come Christmas, the black model will fly off of shelves [almost as fast as the new Shuffle].

Regardless, there is one significant detail that I felt potential 1st generation Nano owners should be aware of before dropping a few hours worth of work down on the checkout counter. Any existing Nano accessories that you may have in your possession, any which utilize the data port and audio hack at the same time, will no longer work with the 2nd generation Nano. What a pain right? Naturally, I assumed that the Belkin FM transmitter which fit the 1st generation Nano would fit also fit the 2nd generation. Surprisingly, it doesn’t.

What was the reason for the additional 4mm gap between the two ports on the underside of the 2nd generation Nano? Why don’t [standard] iPod upgrades “break” accessories? Keep all this in mind. The next time your at the checkout counter thinking your existing accessories will work, think twice. There’s a reason why the accessories section was conveniently placed behind the registers. I really don’t think Apple minds, do you?