Say hello to Derek, who from this point on, will refer to himself from the third person perspective in order to simplify the task of writing an “about” page. Born and raised in the rainy Pacific Northwest, Derek considers The Emerald City – also known as Seattle – his home. Often mislabeled as a nerd or geek, Derek prefers the latter because of the distinct difference between the two. While both can be considered knowledgeable concerning all things tech and inter-webby, geeks posses the natural ability to carry on a normal day to day conversation with random individuals on the street. Derek does that.

What’s in a name? Or, what’s in a number?

Initially, the domain was supposed to be derkilicio.us. A name which even prompted the creation of custom apparel by Syl.

Reminiscing about historic keywords of significance and important dates, 5ThirtyOne or 5thirtyone.com was born. The website is a personal weblog / journal of interesting links, tutorials, and a general test bed for publicly released projects. 5ThirtyOne is built pixel by pixel using Photoshop, WordPress, and TextMate.